Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The 2011 BMW 6-Series Coupe REVIEWS

             The 2011 BMW 6-Series Coupe REVIEWShttp://allcarreviews02.blogspot.com/2011/07/new-bmw-x6m-best-suv-performance.html luxury. 2011 BMW 6-Series has a very sporty look with a distinctive style of the BMW, it seems worthy of being the manufacturer of BMW luxury sedan manufacturer of world icon, Competing with Lexus and Mercedes Benz, BMW has launched its new coupe, with a luxurious design and a sporty body shape M6 series will compete with honda and ford sedan. 

         In addition to a solid exterior and full of glamorous touch sensation M6 series has economical fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions in accordance with standard EURO. If you have the financial means of purchasing this vehicle, then you do not have to think twice about purchasing it, because it is well worth every penny. However, BMW M6 2011 will be a car that most people can only dream about a purchase because the price offered is quite high. 

        M6 Prototype series, has been tested in Europe and has been captured by spy photographers a few times testing the BMW headquarters in Munich near or around the Nurburgring circuit. We now have the latest computer-generated rendering of the Coupe, revealing the overall look is very similar to the BMW Concept Coupe Gran technology that will be displayed by BMW

         The 2011 BMW M6 is made ​​for a comfortable daily performance as well as for racing performance, engine performance is implanted in the M6 is very sophisticated. Carrying the V-8 will be adopted for high-performance M6. This machine is expected to be a variation of a twin-turbocharged unit found in the 4.4-liter X5 M and X6 M at the moment but the output can be out until around 570 horsepower for applications in which construct M6 to be a performance vehicle.

        Everything about the M6 is a high performance vehicle screams. From rapid acceleration to heavy braking, it is clear that this car is designed with one goal in mind: to be incredibly fast. This speed is insane and acceleration as well as coupled with amazing handling that drivers have come to expect from BMW. Seven-speed SMG automatic transmission is designed with optimal performance and good.
        BMW M6 will be designed to draw in the completion of interior features include leather sport seats with power adjustment and driver memory and heat, Power windows, traction control, climate control, Bluetooth compatibility with good speed for connectivity, heated front seats, two-zone temperature control automatic, the new iDrive interface that have changed the hard drive navigation with live traffic updates, and Harman Kardon audio system. Conversion will have a powered soft top. Satellite and HD radio, iPod integration, and keyless entry may be an option. All in all a special design to facilitate and spoil your trip

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