Monday, July 18, 2011

Toyota Hilux 2012 will dominate sales of pick-up in 2012.REVIEWS

     Toyota Hilux 2012 will dominate sales of pick-up in 2012.YOu must be familiar with the pick-ups are one ini.TOYOTA Toyota Hilux 2012 Toyota Hilux from the next generation.  

    Vehicle sales reached 21,866 in 2010 and will be the reference Toyota to be more passion in designing the next generation of the Hilux, with a perfect performance fit for a pick-up and family recreation. This makes the Toyota pick-up segment sales leader for the third year in a row. 
      New model that is now more like a Toyota Land Cruiser facelift due to the display, double cabin directly imported from Thailand, which seemed more dynamic bumper fiber futuristic, luxurious head lamp, fog lamp with a new design, water scoop and alloy wheels with a solid display. 

     By carrying out the new machines, ie machines that have been reinforced 2.50L Common Rail Turbo Intercooler VN (VNT), which is more efficient and has a reliable performance. VNT provides greater air pressure at a lower engine speed than usual turbocharger of the same size. The result becomes larger torsion despite low. spin machine that will become a new weapon to pick up the TOYOTA.

     This car has several color options, including Super White II, Silver Metallic, Silky Gold Mica Metallic, Dark Steel Mica, Black Mica, Dark Grey Mica Metallic, Blue Metallic and Super Red II.
      The interior has a new design for the new dashboard, instrument cluster to strengthen the central horizontal breadth and cabin roominess. Combining Toyota Touch, a 6.1 ", full color, touch screen multimedia unit is very sophisticated and elegant in design touch.

    Perceived quality has improved significantly through the adoption of a uniform dark finish with greater color consistency throughout the interior, and the addition of silver ornaments. 

    With the launch of the Hilux 2012 with all the concept of luxury, sophistication of the machine efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as quality of interior design of luxury, Toyota will dominate the market optimistic about a pick up in europe aspecially in America in 2012.

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