Sunday, July 10, 2011

RANGE ROVER EVOQUE 2011,The best Performance"

       The best performance car RANGE ROVER EVOQUE 2011. Ultimately a showcase of the latest Range Rover has just inaugurated on Monday (07/04/2011). However, recently unveiled a car that is sold directly by the consumer demand this year, an impressive target for manufacturers RANGE ROVER with a very futuristic design and handsome, this car is very popular with residents in the USA,

         Range Rover Evoque produced at the factory Land Rover, Halewood, Liverpool is designed sedemkian a way as to become the hottest cars in the year 2011.
This car has been ordered by many as 18,000 from 170 countries around the world. The number is the same as sales targets for one year, and the range rover acungi deserve our thumbs up for sales in the year.

       The presence of Evoque first appeared in late July, when the company car manufacturers Range Rover's 40th birthday by showing Victoria Beckham as the host of the show is at Kensington Palace, England.

For the design of this engine is created to compete with the Dodge Durango or nissan juke, Range Rover Evoque will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that combines Si4 direct fuel injection and variable valve timing twins, so this car can produce fuel efficiency but has a performance strongWith the capital, a car capable of producing 240 horsepower power.

     Land Rover also offers options 2200 cc diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger. This machine is called to produce power 150 and 190 horsepower. CO2 emission levels of no more than 135 grams per kilometer. .  

     Customers will have to choose from three trim levels: Pure, Prestige, and Dynamic. Depending on the model, Evoque will come standard with: a unique 19-inch wheels and shiny metal details, premium leather, twin-needle stitching and original wood and metal finish, unique bumpers, sills, grille and tailpipes for attitude, more assertive self-confidence , perforated leather upholstery and a unique sport detailing.
        With interior design that is more perfect than the previous generation, a large version of this Evoque has the design and layout similar to Evoque. But offers greater interior space for rear seat passengers terutam.
designed very special with a luxurious leather seats, dash board is very compact, power steering, auto lock, auto window, and navigation are very sophisticated in it.

       If the vehicle goes into production, will likely be built on the platform of the same Land Rover LM-RS based on the platform together with Evoque.Chassis FordEuCD is then extended to 300mm (length) and 100 mm (height) to provide more interior volume.

      Evoque was touted as a product that will generate billions of pounds with a price tag ranging from £ 30,000 up to 45,000 pounds.

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