Saturday, July 23, 2011

2012 Honda CR-V will be launched in 2012.REVIEWS

      2012 Honda CR-V will be launched in 2012. There are many rumors that Honda will launch a new generation of crossover that has been refurbished, with all the luxuries of a crossover 2012 Honda CR-V. At the same time, a magazine written in Japanese express an article about the Honda engines that have been refurbished, along with a sketch of the engine and exterior design, which is preparing a new Honda CR-V for 2012 and will have the first event of no faster than October 2011.

     THE big surprise for fans CROSSOVER SUV and luxury, this time more serious Honda will respond to increasingly fierce competition against rivals 2012.Nissan certainly juke and the Porsche Cayenne is a tight competition this car.

  According to a report written in late 2009, the company will already have a nicer exterior design, it seems that the car will be based on the current version of the platform with very little increase in the length, width .That mean that 2012 Honda CR-V will be more pronounced sportysoul than previous designs.

      2012 CR-V, will carry the machine with the performance of more sophisticated and economical. various machines are also on the model: two units of 4-cylinder 2.0L petrol and 2.4L and 2.2L turbo diesel is available now in the European market.

    That would mean the 2012 CR-V would reprise a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that would again be rated around 180 horsepower and 161 pound-feet of torque. (Think of torque as the force that gets you moving, horsepower as the energy that sustains momentum.) That would allow the 2012 CR-V to retain a competitive horsepower number but would keep it behind the class curve for torque.. 

    Intended to marketing in Europe that would be the people's choice with a wide selection of spec machine with all the greatness of their performance. this car will sell them in 2012.
    It said in a magazine that is written that future versions will not include this range V6 option, but it will receive the advanced machines that we do not have the details anymore. obvious features of this crossover to break the compact car market and Honda's participation in environmentally friendly cars and fuel efficient.

      There are some facilities are very proud of honda, facilities such as an advanced navigation system, Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity that will simplify your communications, the USB interface the iPod with music luxury, leather upholstery and design of the rear seat can be extended to make room for third row of seats, automatic dual-zone climate control, power moonroof, and heated front seats. 
     But Honda needs to reassess the policy that reserves a lot of features for the most expensive model in the lineup CR-V. Egalitarian approach to competition is the point of sale, and the trend is to create features such as connecting the USB standard and optional navigation systems even at entry-level models. with all its greatness crv2012 honda new crossover is expected to dominate the market in 2012.

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