Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Dodge Caliber compact cars popular in the USA and Canada?

       2011 Dodge Caliber compact cars popular in the USA and Canada? You definitely think about buying a car with a futuristic design, luxurious interior, but have enough cabin .

     With SUV concept and design of such a crossover is now launched the 2011 Dodge Caliber Dodge, successor from the previous generation but more compact and luxury in equipment and interior.
       To improve the quality of the interior last year, the Dodge Caliber has made changes to more compact for 2011. Unfortunately, the new pour silly trim level names were introduced for 2010 is not included the change, as a refresher, they Express, Mainstreet, Uptown, Heat, and Rush.
       Changes across the board including the addition of six new paint colors with strange names such as Mango Tango and Redline 2.  

       Stability control became standard on all but the Express trim levels, optional navigation system and Sirius traffic information advantage. A new design 18-inch chrome wheels are available for the Uptown model with the concept of luxury and fresh. 
      By carrying out a more compact interior dodge caliber now equipped with music (digital) such as MP3, iPod or even your cell phone, 9 - subwoofer speaker sound system with a very smooth and steady, sliding armrest (console floor), a removable flashlight that has a dual purpose , and airbags (side-curtain).

  seat design is refined and roomy, power steering, USB connection and more modern equipment than its predecessor generation.

       With a 1.8L engine that has a 5-speed transmission with gear ratios the performance is very smooth and suitable for use in the city .There are other options to get the larger engines in order to top up your car. This can be done if the car is integrated with the CVT, or what we call the continuously variable drive system that will provide precision driver when it comes to driving.

      With all the design dodge caliber 2011, is expected to be able to compete with other competitors like the Ford Fiesta hatchback, Honda Fit, Mazda 2, Mazda 3 5-door and 5-door Toyota Yaris Liftback. 
      For the 2011 edition, enhancements and additional improvements made ​​to increase the price of this car and now retail for around $ 16,880. If you are the type to take advantage of the add ons or options, then on-line version of this 2011 version will be priced around $ 20,085. 

      With an excess and the pricce of the dodge caliber 2011, will certainly mastered the crossover market in the United States and Canada.

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