Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Audi A4 2011 with new performance prepared for the fight against the BMW 3 series.

         New Audi A4 2011 with new performance prepared for the fight against the BMW 3 series. With the completeness of its growing number of increasingly innovative with technology and uses a formidable engine performance. 
        Car of the future that can be enjoyed today, such as using cutting edge technology driving system 3 characters, namely dynamic, comfort, and auto, owned by his elder brother the A6 and A8, which is actually a notch above A4.Audi A4 believed to be competing with rivals like the BMW 3 series and the New ford mustang GT.
        Audi already has variants such as the A6 sedan and Avant Friday plus Q3, A7 and A8 since last year. However, Audi is still not satisfied spoil the market and is now launching a new look compact A4 sedan with a powerful performance as well as more sophisticated in terms of safety technology and comfort in driving. 

      One of the advantages of the Audi A4 car can adjust the mood of the rider, not sporty, comfortable, or a combination of both, ". Sophistication that is applied on this same car with the sophistication that is applied to a sports car or supercar today. 
       Audi A4 V6 TDI carries plucked from the A6, but overall the machine is able to reduce emissions and still have fuel economy.
With the rapid acceleration performance and fuel consumption include efficient. For use in a city about 10 km / liter and 17.5 km / liter for use outside the city.

      European version retains the 2.0 TDI 136 hp like last year's model. While the diesel version consumes only 4.4 liters of diesel per 100 km (53.46 U.S. mpg) on average, with CO2 emissions of 115 grams per km (185.07 g / mile). While issuing A4 Avant 4.6 liters (51.13 U.S. mpg) and 120 grams (193.12).
        2011 Audi A4 interior is designed specially for the comfort of driving in the city. Test drivers praise the ergonomic placement of controls and high level of fit and finish. Comfortable chair, with rear seat room is more than the previous version of the car, and electronic controls as intuitive strike review.

       Leisure and sitting arrangements on the 2011 Audi A4 is not much commented on by people who try this car. However,. It is the largest car in the Car class Upscale Medium, and notice a lot of space. One big plus leather upholstery is standard, which uses high-quality materials.

      Some had fought with the Audi MMI infotainment interface, but overall it led to fewer complaints than the iDrive system BMW.dengan electronic design such as Bang & Olufsen stereo and a Bluetooth interface is very well executed. Both features are not standardized. Bluetooth interface is available with the Premium trim, but Olufsen stereo is optional with the Premium Plus trim with trim and a standard Prestige.

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