Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011 Lotus Elise supercar performance with economical fuel consumption.

         2011 Lotus Elise supercar performance with economical fuel consumption. Making its debut at the Geneva International Motorshow 80th, 2011 model year Lotus Elise. 2011 Lotus Elise has been a topic of conversation for all fans of middle-class supercar . The supercar concept of an economical, proven car was able to become the icon for sales success in previous years.  

      You must have heard a lot about the debut of this car has ever won several racing records in several countries, one through the arena TOP ONE RACING TEAM LOTUS 2011 which won an in-class sports car performance. Lotus Elise Lotus is able to produce supercar performance with economy city car, so no car is a dream fantasy for fans of sports sedans and supercars in the world.

       Design exterior look with body design of the new 2011 Lotus Elise is an evolution of the iconic Elise design, retaining the character and style that is more stylish, more sharpening in character and performance, an increasingly pugnacious bumper design, a sleek body design, the Lotus design is an exciting mix of dramatic style and functional efficiency of the future like a supercar. 

              2011 Lotus Elise brings 1ZR-FAE engine design capacity of 1598 cc engine supplied by Toyota only produces 136 hp power. embedded machine series is owned by Toyota, which supplies the engine block while the performance is governed by the ECU Lotus T6 series.  

           The surplus as sportcar, Elise lace produced only 149 CO2 emissions for every kilometer. Emissions as low as it is filtered by a 3 way catalytic converter that meets Euro 5 emissions standards, best in class. This is why sedan Lotus is an economical sedan but has the performance of supercars like, if you are one who likes racing performance and wanted a fuel-efficient consumption of the Lotus Elise 2011 is the answer.
          The interior design of a sport seat covers, features power windows, power steering, dvd, good design of the dash board, air conditioning, and seat and cargo space is also minimal, but if you are fit, some analysts say that the exceptional driving experience.  

          Autoblog writes, "the driving position, of the perfect pedal position and steering wheel to the seat comfortable and nice and supportive with ProBax technology, this car is suitable for you who sit as a driver not to because of lack of rear seat passengers.

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