Saturday, July 2, 2011

NEW BMW X6m ,the best SUV performance?

       New bmw x6M is the best SUV performance,,
very good desain with nice colour make X6m very popullar in the class, more comfortable seat and support by air suspension system ,

     BMW X6M pegged at 555 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and peak torque is 501 pound-feet, available between 1,500 and 5,6750 rpm.
The hotrod SUV, which goes head-to-head with Porsche's Cayenne Turbo and Turbo S is priced from $89,200, making the M $9,000 cheaper than the Turbowhich is likely the intended competitor and $35,000 less than the Turbo S, which has a simillar housepower,

      interior design very compact and maximal in driving safety,compact brake system ,usb portable.and more driving tools,know we learn more about the good suv car in the year,and we must try to buy this,,,

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