Thursday, September 8, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle 2012.Hachback design with a funny and cute.

           Volkswagen Beetle 2012.Hachback design with a funny and cute. Volkswagen re-displays the version of the classic car, after a successful jazz up the market with the VW Jetta and VW routan now VW Beetle Volkswagen will launch the 2012 version. With a funny and cute design will feature a classic design for a modern hatchback, inspired by classic frog car design, this car is not only interesting for the design but has a good engine performance and features for a compact hatchback in the last year.  

          Although always known as a slightly smaller car, the Beetle in 2012 is now longer and wider than the past design that gives the impression of more powerful and robust when on the road. 2012 Beetle two-door hatchback models with the trips looking for a sleek smooth curves and clawing back windshield. 
        Volkswagen Beetle 2012 will make its first appearance in China, the Shanghai Motor Show, and will then be taken to the New York Auto Show 2011. Sales in the North American market will begin this fall, while the European sales will begin in early 2012. expected to attract many lovers of old cars, so that the public interest against this car will be better.

           2012 Volkswagen Beetle engine wear by wearing nonturbo sophisticated 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 170 horsepower. A 2-liter turbocharged more sophisticated 2-liter four-cylinder with 200 horsepower coming in Turbo.Mesin turbo model is a hot ticket. Volkswagen VW engine incorporated into various models of Audi and feels stronger than it actually is. Figure 0-60 mph time of about 6.8 seconds with the turbo engine and 0-60 in a few seconds with, a 2.5 is noisier than the turbo engine under hard acceleration. .

          With a machine that carries a non turbo car design is capable of issuing a 141-horsepower four-cylinder VW diesel with a lot of torque is due in 2012 and is said to deliver 43 miles per gallon on the highway. Volkswagen diesel tends to circulate.
            The interior design looks very sophisticated and sporty, good looks and a unique dashboard that is the hallmark of this car, practical, easy to identify ergonomic controls, the new generation does not have a retro look. Fascia will be painted in Black for a basic model, made ​​of carbon fiber for "Sports," and made ​​to match the exterior color for the "Design" trim.

          Features that use the power steering, power windows, air conditioning, DVD and the optional audio system, tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and all provide key information, bluetooth connection, radio satelt, while the integrated multifunction display in the speedometer.  
        For the "Design" trim, Volkswagen also offers chrome inserts on the adjustable air vents and instrument. All the features and performance will make this car more loved by lovers of classic cars. 2012 Volkswagen Beetle will be sold this October with prices ranging from $ 19,765 - about $ 500. It's also worth noting that the price the New Beetle is cheaper than one of his main rival, the MINI Cooper and the MSRP of $ 20,100.

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