Thursday, September 8, 2011

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan sales jumped 30% in AMERIKA.REVIEWS ".

           2012 Volkswagen Tiguan sales jumped 30% in AMERIKA.REVIEWS ". When you think to get the family car, and want an SUV that actually has a good performance. Now comes the American SUV with luxurious design and has a strong performance, 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan will complement your life with a variety of luxury features.

          In his debut the car is not preferred because it has a tough rivals including the Toyota RAV4 and the benchmark are very popular Honda CR-V, but this car proves the running time performance, and a few years and the shift paradigm later, the Tiguan has gained traction in the U.S. market, posted a nearly 30% increase in sales in the months of summer. 

           Exterior design comes with a nice change as the use of LED running lights, and two-bar grating that has come to define the current product this VW. at the back, the back door wearing a sharp crease, and light housing are smaller and more squared-off. 
       Update to the interior are minimal, with the new HVAC controls and a new multi steering wheel of the most obvious. in the era of the SUV market in 2012 do not be surprised if this car occupies a caste among the Toyota Highlander or Honda CRV 2012.
         To break down its sales in Europe, 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan engines for efficient and low emissions but still has a formidable performance. three of the seven engines offered for the new Tiguan. Four gas engines that can issue a 122-210 horsepower, while the three TDI diesel is also available, with horsepower ranging from 110-170. A seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) is also optional, with a standard six-speed transmission.
        Volkswagen has designed an efficient cars primarily for SUVnya this time, with increased efficiency and more efficient 15-20 percent. That's good enough to get to 24 city mpg and a fuel-drinking 30 mpg highway, a real improvement over the 20/26 mpg Tig observed at this time.

           All models come with Blue Motion technology also features Stopping Systems / fuel savings for long trips and traffic jams in the city, complete safety equipment with a good seat belts and air bags for safety of principal, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, navigation system easy, power windows and XDS electronic differential lock, power steering, standard audio, satellite radio, DVD and motorized outside rearview mirror. 
        Cloth upholstery is comfortable. use the new assistance systems such as fatigue detection, camera-based control system the main beam of Light Assist and Dynamic Light Assist, All features are available and a good engine performance is rewarded with the price of $ 24,540 for 2011 Tiguan with front-wheel drive and manual transmission, and a peak in $ 38,210 for the SEL Premium model with all-wheel drive.

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