Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 SEAT Alhambra. , Sporty MPV for the family.


               2011 SEAT Alhambra, Sporty MPV for the family. Making its public debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show SEAT is a renowned manufacturer with products that are designed with a great car and character. For now the latest MPV Seat Alhambra with body offers a sporty car for a compact MPV class.  

           Impressed luxury with a fresh and stylish look of today's trendy, flexible design, design for personal, family and even a new hobby is the perfect companion for an active and sporty lifestyle.The greatness of this latest MPV products are designed with a dynamic seat comfort and safe driving fun side stand side by side with a high level of usability of luxury and elegance.
           Thanks to the surprisingly dynamic handling, strong drivelines began to 140-200 hp and the latest hi-tech equipment. Innovation that carried this seat is a step forward in preparation for competing with other manufacturers like honda, acura, and GMC. all carefully designed for marketing in developed countries with good quality and workmanship is also included - in a fashion typical SEAT -. value-for-money is well beyond the usual ".
            Seat Alhambra 2011 is very serious in responding to global markets in marketing, with quality and good engine performance. The proof is by bringing a sophisticated engine with 140 PS 2.0 TDI diesel powerplant and six-speed manual transmission, Based on request (standard on the 2.0 TSI) you can have a dual-clutch DSG 6-speed, for family, leisure and business drivers. Powerful engine will be able to give off power of 170 hp, the 1.4 TSI petrol reach 150 hp.  

           Then you also can order the 2.0 TSI 200 hp which is a version of the above. For the latest performance in fuel efficiency is very good with very low CO2 emissions rating, ranging from 143 g / km (5.5 l/100 km) for diesel engines are less powerful to 167 g / km (7.2 l/100 km) from the 1.4 petrol. All machines offer a stable and friendly environment for the latest version with a great performance and excellent acceleration preformance.

           2011 SEAT Alhambra excellent in quality that is displayed in the interior, and brought the package of quality features and has a good performance in performance. Cabin design is very relieved, suitable for those of you who have many family members because this car has 7 seats with seats second and third-row seats must no longer be removed, but rather, they can easily sink to the bottom of the vehicle using the "Easy-Fold" system very well for your convenience in the settings.
             With different versions of packages that either the first series to offer: seven airbags, air conditioning, power windows system, which remains roomy cabin design offers space relief, ESP, tire pressure gauges, mirrors are electrically adjustable and heated door and 3-zone Climatronic. 
           With the additional (average) 2,200, Style Pack provides third-row seats, traction control, ac, roof rails, alloy wheels 16 ", fog lights, cruise control, audio system with eight speakers that can make you more comfortable with the music offered , and USB connectivity with steering wheel controls, Bluetooth connectivity, power steering, power windows, rain sensor and the back of colored glass. all displayed nicely and is very luxurious and sporty character.

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