Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 BMW M5, Sedan sport for your high-class.

          2011 BMW M5, Sedan sport for your high-class. Bmw series sedan has a lot to create excellent mobility and global transport sector. In stunning bmw sedan has created a lot of classy and high quality. Now, in 2011 BMW launched the latest variant of sedan cars in the segment of E. BMW M5 cars produced by BMW from Germany. Car with a futuristic design and a luxurious interior designed with this use of technology and the evolution of the engine chassis 535i BMW M1. M5 created manually by Motorsport technicians and was released as the world's fastest production sedan.
           In a resounding increase in sales at the end of the month m5 car production have been sold well. Have a good exterior design with the view that soprty epan bumper with a grill that luxury combined with a very special paint as if this car makes a high-class cars.  

          Competing with mercedes benz, audi and jaguars will be an excellent in-class struggle for the throne in 2011 this luxury sedan. Now it's time you choose a car with a sporty design and uses advanced technology to travel. M5 is a definitive answer for you that classy and has a lot of money.
             BMW M5 is very serious in the affairs of the proof engine performance machines that used to be one step ahead by using the M-Turbo TwinPower Package features technology developed division combined with BMW's latest M turbocharging. Machines are also made by hand by BMW M technicians The first one uses the evolution of the E34 M5 24-valve I6 found in the M5 E28 and E24 M635CSi/M6. Technical machine still on 3.5 L but with changes in compression, butterflies, electronically controlled to deliver more power at low speed and high specification with some accurate and thorough.

          Carrying the engine with a capacity of 4.4-liter V8 that can spew Power equivalent to 560 horsepower available from 6,000 to 7,000 rpm, which should keep fans of high-revving M-engine division satisfied. Torque delivery at the end of the spectrum: A full 502 lb-ft. available free from just 1,500 rpm, BMW's got a power that is significantly better, with superior engine performance as well as rapid acceleration or top speed for the maneuver.

             For the interior design of the M5 is equipped with good features and easier for you to drive, the instrument cluster M5 own benefit, and special full leather trim sports seats, dash board an elegant design with a dvd, bluetooth connection, air-conditioning a luxury, traction control, cruise control, a good navigation system, heated seats, power steering is very easy, power windows and design of the rear seat space is quite a relief. You will really feel comfortable with this car because the car has very good suspension.  

          Safety features covers seat belts and air bags as well as advanced features that are specifically tuned steering is working with Dynamic Damper Control cars and stability control with M Dynamic mode itself is set and M-specific differential electronic active locking rear to make the best of treatment through the auxiliary electronics.

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