Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Lexus GS, luxury sedans and very cool for a date.

         2011 Lexus GS, luxury sedans and very cool for a date. It seems to look a joke, but you'll feel different when you buy a sedan that is very cool for your girlfriend, of course, for both dates. Cars that deserve to be called a luxury car from Lexus has launched the GS platform 2011 with the appearance of a cool and tough. To support your activities and to help you work, through narrow streets and very tough in engine performance. Showroom Born in the USA, this car has been designed to compete with competitors such as Jaguar, BMW and even for Mercedes benz car class.
          The new design seemed ideal to paint a smooth, distinctive front bumper and grill are good. Lexus GS base  will lose about 1 inch from the front overhang while the width and good tread will expand by about the same amount. Wheelbase will remain the same at 112.2 inches, but the cabin altitude will be stretched 1.3 inches. All the designs look luxurious and looks very cool to support you when going out with girlfriends.
         Carrying the Machine by lkapasitas 4.6-liter V-8 now, replaced by a 2.5-liter V-6 - most likely version of the engine currently found in the IS. The 3.5-liter V-6 will be the top of the range. With a good engine design will issue a power of 303-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 power 2011 GS 350, 

       All engine performance will be accelerated  with six-speed automatic transmission with manual-shift capability. If you want a more economical version then you can choose the version, the V-8 (GS 460) and hybrid model (GS 450h) are also available. The GS 350 V-6 features direct injection and variable valve timing technology, sending power to the rear wheel or all-wheel drive system. The 2011 GS 350 receives 18-19 mpg in city and 25-26 mpg on the highway.

         For the interior design of this car is very tempting, with a fresh polished and luxurious design will make you more confident, with your girlfriend. With features that are very classy and luxurious, you will always be spoiled by GS 2011. features offered is the design of an LCD with a lot of sophistication in it. Touch points that convey quality and controls respond smoothly.  

        Powered by a choice of three interior leather color combinations: Light Gray leather with Dark Gray a bird's eye maple wood trim, leather parchment with a bird's eye view of the Golden wood trim Maple, Red or black leather with Walnut wood trim. Ultra-premium wood, polished-metal accents and leather trim bless GS interior with the feel of luxury yet high precision.  

       Available with advanced features for navigation, luxurious design on the dashboard, plugged blueetooth, audio controls, DVD, satellite radio, With traction control, audio and climate control system that is easy to understand and operate. The instrument panel lighting system relies on a unique variable-transparency glass to minimize reflections from the gauge faces and to help optimize visibility in various lighting conditions, air conditioning with a good performance, power steering, power windows and other interesting design touches. You have to spend money of $ 46.900 to $ 48.850 MSRP to buy it.

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