Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 GMC Terrain, small Crossover but compact in feature. REVIEWS

         2011 GMC Terrain, small Crossover  but compact in feature . GMC has been successful in sales this year, with the launch of the GMC Sierra and Accadia, which has become a major asset of this car manufacturer platforms. In gars of the cars that was launched by the GMC belong to the category of luxury cars and compact, now for compact crossovers, the GMC Terrain launches 2011 version with a tiny but sturdy design and features a compact for ease of traveling with your beloved family.
           The Car have an environmentally friendly character, go into for-family-friendly sport that is cheaper, more fuel efficient and better suited for urban limits more stringent than the larger SUVs. The 2011 GMC Terrain, on the other hand, is a small crossover SUV that managed to feel mature and refined at the same .for  2011, the GMC Terrain has not changed in addition to improved voice recognition technology to OnStar. Competing with a compact Crossover and like  nissan juke,highlander 2011 will be the arena where the struggle for the throne and Crossover SUV fight.

           To design an efficient engine and more powerful now GMC 2011 with a capacity of carrying the engine, direct injected 3.0L DOHC V-6 engine providing 264 horsepower (197 kW) is optional, and for 2011 to be E85-capable. Like the Ecotec 2.4L, V-6 with six-speed automatic inidikawinkan which helps save fuel and improve acceleration at the time of driving. That is why this car is saving in fuel consumption because it has an automatic transmission is more efficient for road traffic.

        Maximum fuel economy is achieved in part by the mode of "eco" is activated via a console-mounted button. When engaged, this will reduce the speed limitation of the transmission torque converter standard six-speed automatic for 1125 rpm to help save fuel.

          This car is equipped with an attractive facility to support you in comfort and driving safety, standard features such as electric power steering, power windows, air conditioning, dashboard design is sporty, comfortable seats, standard XM Satellite Radio, which provides coast-to-coast tracks, 

         Programmable power liftgate that can be set to open to a lower altitude, clearing obstructions garage or make it easier to reach for their shorter stature, Standard USB connectivity and MP3 audio playback for your portable music player - tune in and control the exact features of radio or optional steering wheel controls, Bluetooth

       Hands-free phone capability, so the driver can stay focused on the road, seven-inch touch screen navigation system with touch screen controls, and the screen itself is large enough to safely catch a glimpse, remote vehicle Running can be used to automatically heat and Ten-gigabyte hard drive that allows a radio station library-like songs to be stored for instant playback through the radio

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