Monday, August 8, 2011

Performance Hybrid Cars Less Interest by American society.REVIEWS

         Performance Hybrid Cars Less Interest by American society. Performance hybrid car that was much discussed in the world of car technology, which has a design-oriented engine fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly apparently welcomed by all users of automobiles in the world. United States may be leading in and advertising have on environmentally friendly vehicles, but the fact of it is still more powerful car than the hybrid behavior, even when the price of fuel such as gasoline and diesel oil is the higher price. 

        According to news has been circulating the USA Today, the number of vehicle sales are robust Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro, still better than the total hybrid sales. The ratio is 19,476 units versus 17,852 units. with an explanation of reviews that we can conclude that hybrid engines are still unable to compete with engines that use gasoline or diesel fuel, for a moment to think why is that? 


        We think the  American people still can not accept major revolution in technology, especially the changes in the fields of machinery, spare part car new, higher prices accelerated even less for hybrid engines. Most environmentally friendly cars actually come from Japan and Europe are also a lot recently to follow the design with the launch chevy volts and also have a hybrid Ford Fusion and Escape, but never could match the sales of Toyota or Honda. Escape Hybrid sold 1118 units last month while the Escape version gasoline engines sold 23,140 units.

             Cars typical stocky U.S. also began to fuel-efficient, yet no compromise with power. Ford Mustang V6 engine with 300 horsepower can reach 30 miles / gallon on the highway while the Toyota Prius can travel 50 mi / galon.tapi American people certainly want a car that has acceleration and power kuat.pasalnya super power country is still not too convinced of the performance of hybrid engines.

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