Tuesday, August 9, 2011

McLaren F1 supercar performance such as the jet on the ground. REVIEWS

         McLaren F1 supercar performance such as the jet on the ground. REVIEWS .Hearing a glimpse of the supercar with high technology and has an aerodynamic design, this is the Mclaren F1 car that had been named as the fastest car in the world with a top speed of 385 km / h. McLaren's name is synonymous with Mercedes Benz, but make no mistake McLaren BMW F1 V12 engine capable of producing 627hp at 7400rpm labor force is very large and has been tested in the arena of world racing, racing debut in the world designed and built without compromise to the original design concept was founded by Gordon Murray.  

        With a really cool car designs seen from the door that could open up, the hood is extremely sporty, rear side of the car seemed like a typical American supercar or italy, spoiler that make it dynamic design and a sleek appearance that makes this car very cool.
       McLaren F1 has a spectacular interior design and even the driver seemed to be in pole position F1 kopkit. with a single seat that is positioned in the middle , The driver also spoiled melodious voice that matched the BMW F1 sound. If you are a crazy racing F1 or like action heroes you certainly can not imagine how it feels to ride this car. F1 car seemed to ride at high speed and sound typical F1 car., but do not fear our ears damaged because the car is available in the  kopkit headphones to muffle the noise of its V12 engine. to enjoy it all you have to spend huge funds of about $ 970,000. 

       The perfect engine performance specifications of car production two-door coupe Engine type Mid / RWD which has a V12 engine specifications,with a capacity of 6064 cc with Torque: - £ 479-ft at 4000 rmp and Horsepower - 627 bhp at 7400 rpm, the engine is coupled with the acceleration of a Transmission: - 6-speed manual that can reach the top speed - 240 mph.
Coupled with a low curb weight, acceleration from 0 to 100km benchmark h / is expected to be less than four seconds with a top speed of 200mph.

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