Monday, August 1, 2011

All new 2012 Honda Accord make his debut in March 2012

      All new 2012 Honda Accord make his debut in March 2012.The manufacturer Honda is getting serious in responding to competition in the era of compact sedan 2012 Honda.In his  debut will be more competitive in the released version of hybrid cars and compact for an increase in sales year will attend the Geneva Motor .Honda Show next March. On the show this time, Honda will offer a few changes, a number of changes to the styling of cooler, emissions, improved ride and handling of all for 2011. 

         Revised exterior styling design in increasingly cool design, interior changes are made the more stylish and sophisticated the equipment, emissions and economic improvement on all machines, 138 g / km 2.2 i-DTEC is introduced,handling repairs for all models, Auto High Beam Support Systems and Active Cornering Lights debuted on the Accord, and PS 180 Type S models are now available across Europe with interior or exterior design is good increasingly .This car is in focus to compete with luxury sedans such as Ford, BMW and Honda volvo.pihak optimistic, based on last year's sales are increasing, it seems that in 2012 Honda will remain triumphant air with satisfactory sales rankings. 

        For performance honda engine will carry a five-speed transmissions for Honda's automatic. but the Honda version of the much discussed precisely Crosstour no details about the engine. 2012 Honda Accord will likely carry the current 2.4-liter engine in the Accord sedan version. Tabernacle accounts greater than one transient CR-V VTEC four-cylinder is currently being built. 

       The engine 2.2 liter 150 PS version of the enhanced i-DTEC diesel engine has an internal friction losses are reduced to improve fuel economy and emissions. The results of these changes is 9 g / km CO2 emission reductions for the Honda Accord sedan with 6-speed manual transmission and the reduction of 11 g / km for the automatic variant.

      Honda Accord equipped with an automatic transmission capable of treating the claim that the fuel economy, the gearbox design and ratios optimized to improve the economy and emissions will become as iconic 2012 honda powered cars but environmentally friendly according to the EURO emissions standards.
       For the interior design of all new Honda Accord 2012 will experience significant changes .. Auto enthusiasts will look stylish and modern new design that promises to make the 2012 Honda Accord fun ride for drivers as well. The new Accord 2012 model has added a dark silver door panels that look elegant and futuristic design, a more sporty dashboard, touch mp3 and navigation of luxury has always been a special appearance for Honda. for interior and accents all new Honda Accord 2012 has a bright silver door handles that look fresher ..  

     Handbrake on a special design of the Honda designers so it looks sporty and comfortable when in use .. Honda did not stop there as the gearshift, the instrument panel and steering wheel even has received special attention by upgrading the design of increasingly sophisticated. 2012 Accord Type S model also boasts new enhanced interior with beautiful leather seats and leather are good quality.

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