Monday, August 1, 2011

2012 Volvo s60 t5 performance luxury sedan with a strong performance

       2012 Volvo s60 t5 performance luxury sedan with a strong performance.You must wait for new Volvo design which was launched in 2012, now 2012 Volvo S60 T5 will be launched with luxurious design and dynamic aero .. Success in the era of 2011, which has succeeded in increasing market sedan a compact and luxurious, now turn to the newest version that will continue the success in sales in 2012. S60 version that has been popular to give a solid value and outstanding features in the mid-luxury sedan. Designed for drivers who value luxury over performance and the good performance .

       Design new Volvo s60 t5 with engine reliability, a long list of standard features and travel, comfortable and safe for drivers and passengers and offers a cool design for sporty-minded you are. prepared to compete with Acura, Honda and Buick 2012 has been prepared with the performance, interior and engine optimal.
       T5 has a luxurious interior with a design so perfect.if you love music, now you can enjoy a deluxe 160-watt eight-speaker AM / FM, DVD entertainment system with MP3 input and an iPod interface, a fancy music player with sound quality clear and comfortable listening. 
       Volvo S60 T5 can retain up to three drivers memorized settings and given the preference for the climate control and sound system. Power windows as a controller of a window on the 4 pieces of the door, and an auto lock the doors. AC, power steering, luxurious design in cabin, while the climate control system features dual zone temperature control and air filtration. An optional integrated navigation system is also available to help drivers get where they go, while the dual-screen rear seat entertainment option can keep both kids and adults happy on long road trips. Optional leather has interesting grain weight, and looks especially warm in the Climate Package Add $ 800 and seats will also feel warm "Beechwood." an interior that is interesting to try.

       With an attractive price, $ 47,610 Volvo sedan. While T6 may venture a little further into the Audi and BMW, with a base price of $ 31,850 T5 to attract consumers' purchasing power in the upper middle class.

       Volvo s60 t5 engine design in 2012 carrying the 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder offers a great power is significantly more than most comparable four-cylinder engine. The front-wheel drive shiftable six-speed Geartronic automatic transmission provides smooth gear change and increase gas mileage and acceleration and accuracy of the acceleration gear box transmission .

      Volvo realize that 220-or-so horsepower is no longer enough for street credibility. While this is only ten more than naturally-aspirated inline six offered in any other Volvo, T5's peak torque of 266 pound-feet at 1,800 rpm outgrunts six to 30. On paper it's superior engine.

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