Friday, August 12, 2011

2012 Kia Soul the best performance with dynamic design.

         2012 Kia Soul the best performance with dynamic design. Kia Motors America took part in the New York Auto Show 2011. Kia unveiled the Kia Soul 2012 with a toughness of an SUV that has the perfect machine. KIA has been entered into the world of European car market and has been successfully marketing products which refers to the car engine performance and great quality on the interior. 2012 Kia Soul now has a newer and more sophisticated, more sporty appearance that makes you confident in driving. engine performance more compact and more economical in fuel consumption. 

       KIA 'Soul 2012 is the right package for consumers who want something different in its segment. "Views exterior look with the design of new projectors with LED lamps are lit throughout the day (daytime running light). Bonnet and bumper (front and rear) redesigned. From the rear, the designers Kia Soul 2012 to make more unique with a cluster of new rear lights with LEDs. Prepared to fight in the family car market this car will compete with Nissan juke and honda cr-v.
        The view from the rear is also very elegant and futuristic taillights that look stylish and good stilish. Design fused glass and taillights look great and elegant look. For those of you who want a family car and can look stylish, it seems 2012 Kia Soul is a car that suits you.
         For engines 2012 Kia Soul will carry the new 1.6-liter engine Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) spewing power 135 hp and 164 Nm of torque with a 6-speed manual transmission that was good in the displacement transmission so as to make better acceleration. 2012 Kia Soul is available in a choice of 2.0 liter engine plus transmission 6-speed manual and automatic. 2.0 liter engine 160 hp power off (greater 13%) and 194 Nm of torque.

        For the new engine version 2012 Kia Soul has the privilege of low emissions and economical in fuel consumption, gasoline consumption is 1.6 liters of Soul 2012 in the city of 11.9 km / liter and a highway 14.6 km / liter - second number 1, 3 km / liter better than previous models. To go as far as 11.5 km in the city of Soul 2.0 liter 2012 needs 1 liter of gasoline. While on the highway 15 km / liter.

         2012 Kia Soul looks very compact with a nice interior design, design more futuristic high-tech cabin, featuring a mix of low-cost technology in exceptional overall value. Ward's AutoWorld award recipients Soul "Grooviest Interior" for 2010. For some variants equipped UVO Soul 2012 from Microsoft, hands-free communication system in the car and infotainment systems. 
       Features Soul 2012 in the form of premium seat heaters, leather upholstery, automatic air conditioning control, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Satellite Radio, Side / Curtain Airbags, Stability Control, Traction Control systems for navigation and press the button start.Untuk SUV class car will be the main options in the medium and compact SUV class
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