Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 KIA Picanto hatchback with a tiny and sophisticated design.

               2011 KIA Picanto hatchback with a tiny and sophisticated design. Geneva mat which opened on March 3 to 13 2011 is due to be used as the Picanto to debut around the world with a new design utuk body and engine. Have you ever think to have a car that slim and petite? do you ever think to go out of town with a small vehicle and relaxed?. 
        Kia Picanto is now launching 2011 with a design that is more perfect for a small hatchback variants and compact. Kia Motors has redesigned this beloved little hatchback so it appears more refreshed, energetic and modern and looks tiny. Similarly, in terms of engineering a better and more perfect. Launched for those who like traveling near and through the narrow streets now Picanto 2011 will compete with the Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris and Ford Focus.

      For the exterior design of the Kia Motors to claim the all-new Picanto has a longer dimension with a wheelbase that dimelarkan, though not inform the dimension data. The new Picanto ensure the passengers more comfortable and providing greater cargo volume of 27% of its predecessor so it can store more stuff or charge people.

             Kia Picanto 2011 provided 4 options Kappa engine. Three versions of the machine that carries 1,000 cc, 3-cylinder (gasoline, flex fuel and bi-fuel) and a choice of 1200 cc, 4-cylinder. Diletupkan power between 69-85 hp and 94-121 Nm of torque.New Picanto will be available in a choice of 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual. Exhaust emissions, it is claimed, reduced massively to 95-105 g ​​/ km. Fuel consumption from 4.2 to 60 liters per 101 km, fuel consumption is quite efficient and we value the power of the engine and torque balance.
              In America the competition is rapidly increasing Hatchback, Kia now picanto will implement a new system, all-new Kia Picanto will be equipped with technology ISG (Idle Stop & Go) so that the fuel consumption becomes more efficient (4.1 to 5.6 liters per 100 km) and fewer dump gas emissions (90-100 g / km), you do not need to be worried about the fuel consumption of this car because the car is economical and environmentally friendly.

Interior features offered for the 2011 Kia picanto elegant dashboard design that is equipped with navigation buttons AC Front, Audio CD / VCD / DVD with a futuristic design, Eletric Mirrors, Leather Seat, Glass Film, Power Steering, Power Windows, leather seats fine, and USB connectivity.
  Security features have the Alarm, Fog Light, spare tire, Toolkit, Velg Racing. All interior design including a wider cabin prepared for those of you who want the additional goods and passengers.

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