Monday, July 4, 2011

Toyota supra debut begin a in a drag race competition"


      His debut began in 1983 replacing the 'throne' 2T-G engine capacity of 1587 cc 4 cylinder inline engine (bore-stroke: 81 x 77 mm). Until his retirement in 1998, the 4A-GE was born in the third generation. Generation I; 4A-GE , generation II; enhanced compression that is added on a piston oil cooling system, generation III; head 4A-GE is upgraded to 20 valves.
       Engine DOHC 16-valve EFI has 500 spray angle twincam power range 112-138 hp naturally aspirated. Unfortunately, it is said torque 'sacrificed' so just play the numbers 131-149 N

      A little about his career in drag-racing arena, with a highly competitive machine model, making the tuner cars are becoming increasingly happy in making toyota supra becomes tighter than the duration chamshaft until done utuk gearboxpun setting makes this car's performance more vibrant, 

      Very nice interior design with custom leather seats and dashboard, steering wheel and seat design pengaman.dengan such a way to make more comfortable and safe driving at high speed.
       what you know that you that in Indonesia and in some other world this car has always wins in the championship drag race, because it is now illegal racing debut in the arena is still so tajam.dan our love for toyota supra thumb..

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