Monday, July 4, 2011

how to tune up sports car?NEWS

        How to tune up sports car?, the following is a review how to tune up sports car that benar.because we know that the way a good tune up we can maximize the performance of the car:
 the first Trotle should move freely and do not prop open the blocked-full. At the time of the accelerator-free, full throttle should close, or at ideal RPM, (screw tuner) and it will open full when a full step on the gas pedal. If the throttle was not working like it could hold clues adjustment in two places.

and then adjustment at the bottom of the gas pedal, so that the throttle was opened fully.Second, there is near carburetor tuner that integrates with the gas cable. Gas cable should not be too tense and rigid because it will mislead when deaccseleration.

       Check the pump acceleration.
At about plus the speed of vehicles, the accelerator is pressed, the engine needs more fuel. Pumps have accelerated the task. From the hole above the carburetor looks bursts of gasoline. If the result of bursts of irregular or nonexistent can be caused by two things. Maybe karbura ¬ tor is very worn, so the pump can not work properly, or the pump is damaged skin.

      Inside the pump there is also acceleration of a boll bearing valver. Often, the carburetor is made of aluminum so that it undergoes corrosion damaging the nature of the pump valve acceleration, or rusting boll bearing.

     The next step at the turn of parts, namely: setting chamshaft that is by cutting the duration chamshaft tnggi, this is done to pursue the optimal acceleration, then replace the spark plug brand of racing like autu lite or NGK iridium,

      if you feel less optimal you can replace the piston kit with piston racing variant type, because with it will increase the compression and the compression ratio so that the pull on the top speed to be more forceful,

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