Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toyota Etios 2011 is targeted to be mastered sedan market in INDIA"

     Toyota Etios 2011 is targeted to be mastered sedan market in INDIA.The biggest and most popular automotive manufacturer Toyota did not want to miss with its rival Honda and Daihatsu, Honda plans to launch a cheap car, Honda BRIO. Toyota even more advanced one step ahead by launching Etios Toyota sedan with a futuristic design.

    Not only that, in April 2011 Etios five-door hatchback version called Etios Liva will present in April 2011.dengan toyota design designed to compete in the market by 2012. Toyota applying alloy technology with a relatively cheap price.

     With the price advantage and quality of performance is pretty good. The price is affordable Rupee INDIA 496 000. Obviously this car will become a family favorite in young and middle-class India.

    Toyota argued Etios developed specifically for Indian consumers and will be manufactured at the factory by the end of this year Bidadi, near Bangalore. But Toyota also plans to offer this small-sized sedan into emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Thailand and in South America. 

    Surprisingly only two days since its launch in December 1, 2010, Toyota Etios already sold 3077 units. In addition Etios be a major topic in different national medsia India.
      With a very impressive interior design of this car is equipped with sophisticated equipment such as modern cars today such as power steering wheels, USB connectivity, power windows and seat design that is perfect for interior design.

     The  family sedan is powered by four cylinder inline engine, a , 5 liters of blowing force 89 hp and 97 Nm of torque. Juxtaposed with 5-speed manual transmission, this car can travel a distance of 17.6 kilometers per really excellent for the cheap sedan.

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