Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEW CHEVROLET VOLT, cars powered Lithium-Ion batteries in 2011.

      NEW CHEVROLET VOLT, cars powered Lithium-Ion battery in your 2011.perhap  privilege wondered what this car, chevrolet volt actually invented to save on fuel that we use every day, because this car is powered lithium ion battery, the charging power full maximum for 3-4 hours, for 40mil trip. 

        This is a little review of what is meant volts.,The Volt is a four-seat, four-door "series-parallel plug-in hybrid" hatchback with a lithium-ion battery pack that can power the car's 149-horsepower (112-kilowatt) electric motor by itself for an estimated 40 miles in the city.
       After that, the gasoline-powered inline-4 engine primarily supplies electricity to the motor for as many as 300 additional mileshybrid volt in the claims is the most economical car in its class, and is expected to be able to penetrate the market asia and europe.
        A little review about the machine let's discuss further to the specifications of the engine CHEVROLET VOLT.
      The front-wheel-drive chevy volt is primarily powered by an electric motor rated at 149 hp (111 kilowatts) and 273 pound-feet of torque. This motor draws power from a lithium-ion battery pack until the battery charge is 70 percent depleted so will maximize the power of the carslowly as the pace car will help drive the four pistons in the cilinder, and the explosion in the piston will also help drive the machine automatically. 

       The new discovery of this new In Edmunds range and fuel economy testing, we found the Volt had an electricity range of between 30 and 39 miles in mixed driving. When the battery is depleted, it returned 31.4 mpg.
      The chevrolet volt navigation systems on cars are very sophisticated as the future, which is not less interesting is the design of a futuristic but simple.
      The climate controls are are touch-sensitive, but lack (mostly) traditional push buttons or turning knobs. The Volt features an optional hard drive for added storage of music and maps, and comes standard with Bluetooth functionality that Chevrolet says can be used for phone and music use.

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