Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lamborgini Gallardo for justin's birthday?

       Lamborgini Gallardo for justin's birthday.who does not know the famous singer justin, he will celebrate the 16th birthday, a great singer Justin Bieber tempted by the promise of a gift car lamborgini Gallardo Spyder that was promised by the Hip Hop singer Puff Diddy.

       P.diddy never promised a special sports car, Lamborghini car that he would give if Justin was 16 years old, and today I'm calling it," quipped the singer song Baby when walking with Diddy and Sean Kingston.
      Lamborgini Gallardo is not a cheap car, but the promise remains a promise "said Justin, who had" tasted "at the wheel of luxury cars and can accelerate high, which is worth 131,000 pounds or worth more than USD 1.8 billion.for more information visit:lamborgini gallardo

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