Friday, July 8, 2011


        AUDI Q5 2011 the POPULAR SUV TODAY?The car is much awaited by millions of SUV lovers, with an attractive design and excellent performance, lately much discussed by the community Q5 is a glimpse eropa.this is the reviews. Audi Q5 Hybrid quattro will show themselves in the Los Angeles Auto Show 2010.  

        Hybrid Q5 Audi Quattro Audi became the first hybrid model with two systems.
Audi Q5 hybrid bet has the power as a V6-engined car but the car seirit TDI 4-cylinders, this is the greatness audi,that can make Q5 popular in the class of SUV car.

        AUDI Q5 performance in the design of highly efficient and economical fuel with an electric system, which will support the environmentally friendly cars audi, audi design powered 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 2,000 cc, TFSI (turbo direct injection), with power 246 hp and 481 torque nm.

        Q5 Hybrid can move only with the engine, electrical,. If using an electric mode, Q5 Hybrid can be shot without sound and emissions of up to 100 km / hour. SUV with lithium-ion battery is capable of running up to 3 km with electricity at a constant speed of 60 km / hour.
Q5 Hybrid gasoline consumption is believed to be below 14.3 km / liter. CO2 emissions of less than 160 g / km.sangat fantastic.

         There are physical differences between the version with the regular hybrid (petrol and diesel). There is a hybrid writing on fenders, doors and trunk sill aluminum.the colour design its radiator grille glossy black. Chrome-plated exhaust pipes.

         The interior of the Q5 places you in the middle of thousands of exquisite details, all designed to create a one-of-a-kind driving experience.
          Premium materials like Dark Brown Walnut wood or Brushed Aluminum inlays are honed to a maximum tolerance of just 0.2 mm. The color of the leather, dash and inlays are precisely matched, compensating for variations in texture and reflectivity. Together, they create an interior unmatched in its class.

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