Friday, July 8, 2011

Audi Q3 will be produced in the SEAT factory in Martorell, Catalonia, SPAIN "reviews?

     Audi Q3 will be produced in the SEAT factory in Martorell, Catalonia, SPAIN "Now the audi will release and produce variant q3, Tuesday (06/07/2011) at the SEAT Martorell factory located in Catalunya, Spain. This is for first time principals in the Ingolstadt-based car is wearing SEAT facility, which employs 10,000 employees.

      In building a sport utility vehicle (SUV) is small, the VW Group has invested Rp 4.09 trillion. Such an amount is used to improve production facilities and infrastructure.
Parties Audi says Q3 wearing platform Group 5 (the same as those used on the VW Tiguan, VW Golf MK5 GTI and SEAT Tribu) will produce 100,000 units per year with a three-stage

      To machine affairs Audi Q3 Audi offers three different machines, each of 4 cylinders. One engine and two TDI TFSI engine. All three will combine direct injection with q3 turbocharge.sehingga make more efficient and have excellent performance.
      These engines provide power ranging up to 211 hp 140 hp.
Version 2.0 TDI Audi Q3 capable of providing fuel efficiency rate 5.2 liters per 102 kilometers.

      Engines petrol and diesel Audi Q3 will each be paired with all-wheel drive quattro permanent and seven-speed S tronic capable of bringing the audi is faster in acceleration,

      The interior is offered Audi Q3 is very wide and ergonomics. Same as for the exterior,
Besides Audi also offers a wide selection of materials and colors correspond with joy riders. Audi Q3 trunk sections have capacities of up to 1365 liters or 16.24 to 48.2 cubic feet, making it the ideal vehicle for long trips and recreation with family.

      The riders were also offered the standard specifications with many options right from the luxury class. Such as adaptive light technology adding to xenon headlights, which can light the way up around the corners of the vehicle. And the addition of warning the driver to park the vehicle,

      Audi Q3 offers a charming infotainment, such as hard drive navigation system, Bose surround sound system, with the lights on the front woofer. Besides Audi Q3 provide a phone system using Bluetooth, and WLAN hotspots to provide Internet connectivity .AUDI Q3 audi greatness would not be surprised if this car price ready $ 27.270 - $ 30.850
# Invoice: $ 25.361 - $ 28.690, the price offered in accordance with the engine performance and driving comfort for you.

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