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1957 Chevrolet, a car in the classic style of hunting in America.REVIEWS""

       1957 Chevrolet, a car in the classic style of hunting in America. although belonging to the classical model of vintage cars, 1957 chevrolet apparently now being sought by hunters in American antique cars .. why not, obviously this car has many unique and privileged. 
      Body side trim was completely different and more wonderful views. Especially anodized aluminum body panels along each side of Bel Air 1957. 

      The Fifties followed by a short vertical slash printed on the beltline dip. Dozens have two oblique strips full length which is divided into wedge on the quarter panel. Wedge was painted according to the color of the roof on the two cars nada.dengan stern designs are so attractive that is the chevrolet 1957 by hunters enjoy doing classic cars.

     With the phenomenal design, The Belair Townsman station wagon back in 1957 and Beauville and Townsman station wagon available in the Two Ten. Low cost two-Ten Handyman One Fifty is still a popular business vehicle of delivery.
Highlights of the 1957 Chevrolet styling includes a new front grille, fins are well known and popular that year, both front and rear bumper and the hood bird that looks classic but elegant.

       To design a machine that fenomenal.1957 engine displacement grew 283 cu in (4640 cc) with "Super Turbo Fire V8" option produces 283 hp (211 kW) with the help of continuous (closed loop) mechanical fuel injection. This is called "fuelie., 
      Because most of the Bel Airs are equipped with carburetion so called Belair. Bel Air 1957 was among the American cars of the best known of all time; preserved examples, especially the coupe and convertible sports are highly sought after by collectors and fans as solid design and good in the era of that year. They are roomy, fuel-efficient, with a taste of control, the tail fin of aero dynamic and period of use of chrome on the grille and body.
      On the interior side of the Chevrolet 1957,desain with luxury seat and good utillity desain, a 150 Blue Harbor Handyman ordered by, dual-quad 245hp 283. Cars not displaying the radio or heater, it comes with a three-speed manual transmission-on-the-column, and that's it. 
      Options only ordered on the car windscreen wipers and electric cars for the door armrests. What is the purpose the car was ordered for is anyone's guess, but for the time these cars serve various purposes by the owner of the Chevrolet .1957 specifications include a 115-inch wheelbase, same as 1955 and 1956. All body styles, Bel Air, Two Ten, Fifty One station wagons and had an overall longer length of 200 inches. The weight of all 1957 Chevy body styles except the station wagons (3.400 to 3.500 pounds) is about 3.300 pounds, slightly heavier than Both the 1955 and 1956.

       The following is the 1957 list price: Nomads $ 2757.00, $ 2511.00 convertibles, Beauville wagon $ 2563.00, Belair Sport Coupe hardtop, $ 2299.00, Belair 4 door $ 2290.00, Belair 2 door $ 2,238.00. . One-Fifty models: started at $ 1885.00 for a utility wagon up to $ 2307.00 for a Handyman wagon. All sticker prices were the resource persons Pls up in 1957 compared to the 1955 and 1956 Chevrolet prices.

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