Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Smart Fortwo, mini hatchback with advanced electric technology.

         2011 Smart Fortwo, mini hatchback with advanced electric technology. Perhaps in America and in parts of continental Europe, an electric car is not trens today, but as the development of a new era to the era of environmentally friendly cars and fuel efficient now, Smart launched the mini hatchback with a clever technology that claims to save fuel and the lower the pollution. With tiny design and agile 2011 Smart Fortwo now present to you who liked the simple design but still advanced in the use of technology. Mini hatchback has a design is shorter than the mini Chooper.
            This car is the best car designs for power conversion and a small car category with a good design. If you're a busy person with full activity, work, working hard or enterprainer you will love this car because of the small design capable of entering the alley and street narrow, especially if you get caught street jam. vehicle production is limited to 1500 cars, only 250 are coming to the United States. Even when full-scale production began in 2012.
          2011 Fortwo electric drive carries a compact machine with a nice electric technology, with hybrid car technology is able to issue a peak power output of 40 hp is available in short spurts, if not, there are 27 horses on tap. Torque is quoted at £ 88.5-ft. Usage is very simple with just plugged into 220-volt outlet, you can charge from 20 to 80 percent of capacity that can be used in three and a half hours.  

        It takes eight to full charge. Only have access to 110 volts? See you tomorrow. By using the transmission as the car in general with the single-speed transmission, and Tesla battery good. All in a compact design to meet those of you who have jobs are busy and crowded.

           For interior design you'll love luxury and sophisticated style that is carried by car, use an elegant design combined with an elegant city car design that is with technology Fortwo ED (Cialis jokes expected) is identical to other Fortwos.  

         Two pieces in the center of the dash that looks elegant, formerly with the controls of a good navigation, Gauge spent fuel in the center of the cluster also shows the battery level, tachometer and hour-now the battery meter and an ammeter, leather seats that look smooth and pleasant to sit , power windows, electric power steering, air conditioning, seat belts, all designed to facilitate you in the driving and personal activities.

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