Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011 Buick Lucerne Super, the style of a luxury sedan.

          2011 Buick Lucerne Super, the style of a luxury sedan. Buick is a company that is very accurate in seeing the gap in the world car market. Coming up with a million surprise which is always the public spotlight, particularly sedan lovers. Now launching in 2011 Buick Lucerne Super with all the luxury interior design and compact in features. This car offers a distinctive style for a luxury sedan designed by Buick. 
         Design exterior look with front bumper design that looks very prominent Grill is decorated with finely engraved lines around Lucerne portholes with chrome highlights, the design of the side looks a little chubby but looks sexi, from the back of this car is very sporty in style LED lights which dynamic character. Bears the name of the Buick car will compete with sedans such as Honda, Ford and acura.

       Retain the throne, this car will compete with the tight, the more advanced for the design and style that brought trim and uses advanced technology to improve safety, the features available with Zone Alert Side including Lane Departure Warning and Blind.

         Compete in the luxury sedan class is not easy, for that car is equipped with sophisticated technology to improve performance and acceleration are obtained. Have you ever think to have a car with good performance and acceleration, without losing money.  

        Now Buick Lucerne Super has a little more advanced by carrying the 4.6-liter V8 Northstar engine that can spew at 292 horsepower and 288 lb.-ft. kw and of torque (390 Nm) *. that more than 17 and still riding Lucerne CXS wheels depan.Untuk latest generation, General Motors added a new variant 'Super' Lucerne sedan to its lineup. All the designs are nice and full of power mated to a 4-speed Automatic, 4-speed Automatic to improve acceleration obtained.

           2011 Buick Lucerne Super not forget access to your comfort and safety. For the interior design of the car is equipped with sophisticated features and attention to driver safety. Features available were: Control of Magnetic Naik technology - recalibrated for even more driver control and performance, while further reducing body roll cornering and lane changes, features power windows with sophisticated technology, Eighteen-inch chrome aluminum wheels with P245 / 50R18 all-season radial tires, premium components for more precise teering § teering and higher levels of response, excellent seat design with luxurious style and always make you comfortable with the features heated, air-conditioning, dashboard design with DVD player and a port USB to the center console on a five-passenger models, as well as standard StabiliTrak with full-function traction control on all models and two new radio system on a five-passenger models. 

        The Safety features include four-channel StabiliTrak electronic stability control with brake assist, Air Bag, standard seat belts are nice, and the which senses emergency braking Situations and boosts the power as needed. all offered with a very good price of $ 29.730 - $ 44.460.

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