Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toyota Alphard 2011, another luxury minivan trend in Indonesia

            Toyota Alphard 2011, another luxury minivan trend in Indonesia,  Toyota's debut in the world of compact SUVs and minivans. To have a successful debut on even in ASIA EUROPE as in Indonesia. Success at last year with the launch of toyota avanza car that has become a best seller. 
           Now turn MPV / minivan Alphard luxury that is. No doubt about minivan design is a glance looks big and spacious. With the combined character of minivan performance and convenience features with class sedan, Corolla 2011 ready to dominate the minivan market in Indonesia.
          Carrying the drive wheels 2. have a strong performance with engine capacity of 4 cylinder containing 2.400cc and mated with an automatic transmission. In the initial debut of this car feels strange but over time the car is started on the lyrics by consumers in Indonesia, and they began to switch to try a new performance of Alphard 2011, with typical Toyota style with large headlamps, grille and sharp blend of subtle colors this car will make rich luxurious and elegant characteristics.  

         A good feature is supported with electric power steering, power windows, air conditioning, a beautiful dashboard design is embedded LCD touch screen, tape, DVD players, bluetooth connection and USB port connectivity to support you in driving.

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