Monday, September 5, 2011

Honda jazz 2011,The most popular hatchback "reviews".

            Honda jazz 2011, the most popular hatchback "reviews". Honda has long been  launched sedan and hatchback version that sold well or sold in Asian markets in the European market. Good design and fuel efficiency is one reason why people love this car, Honda Jazz 2011 is a hatchback version of the future that have an aero dynamic design and futuristic. Forward from previous versions of this car has revised the 
          Re-design that looks conventional and replace it with a more progressive design.
Revised exterior makes the new Honda Jazz looks more stylish. The changes are clearly visible on the front and rear bumpers, grille apart. The new design of bumper managed to cut aerodynamic drag when the air flow through the body of the Jazz and avoid turbulence when the air flow regardless of the stern. so it can launch a wind flow and ease the car while you drive. (aerodynamics). 
        In various parts of the world this car has been sold with an excellent level of sales. In Indonesia alone this car seemed to be a favorite car for young people. Honda Jazz 2011 has been prepared to compete with its main rival the Toyota Yaris and Suzuki Swift, but Honda remain one step ahead for many sectors.

            Honda jazz 2011, carrying a 1.5-liter SOHC i-VTEC engine that produces maximum power of 120 PS at 6600 rpm and maximum torque at 4800 rpm 14.8 Kg.m. These machines are supported Drive By Wire technology, Torque Boost Resonator and innovation on the piston skirt patterned coating.
         To support good acceleration All New Jazz 2011 is equipped with 5 speed transmission that uses AT Grade Logic Control for optimum transmission performance and efficiency. Wheel turning angle is enlarged supported Electric Power Steering allows the swivel angle is only small as 4.7 meters to 4.9 meters and type S to type RS.Sementara Paddle Shift feature gives the sensation of driving a F1 car with a possible direct from the steering wheel gearshift. 

         For interior design, Honda Jazz 2011 made several revisions, the compact features include optional features such as, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, automatic locks, automatic rearview mirrors, audio system can now connect with the iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, USB, or MP3 Player, orange light emitted from the audio system is also matching the color of the Multi Information Display LCD in the dashboard. Door handles and air conditioning panel is also enhanced for ease of driver and passenger. dashboard design is luxurious with a touch of GPS, as well as leather seats spoty like a race car. . Inside the cabin, Honda designed the Jazz to provide maximum cabin spaciousness, as well as higher utility and safety for drivers and passengers.
        Placement of gas tank in the middle of the cabin is key in creating a roomy cabin. ULTRA Seat While technology provides the freedom to arrange the seating configuration as needed, creating the largest luggage capacity in its class, which reaches 1321 liters according to VDA measurement.

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