Sunday, September 18, 2011

2012 Renault Logan, a simple concept but a success in sales.

         2012 Renault Logan, a simple concept but a success in sales. Dacia Renault this year is a super hit in Europe, especially in the USA. For Renault Dacia which had changed its platform to LOGAN, 2012, sedan concept car is simple and has a classic style for this compact car category had great success in sales in the early debut, sold more than 1.25million cars, is a pride for this sedan from Renault .
        2011  Renault logan new center is also much in use in Russia, Romania and India which is a country with a population hungry for this transportation. Success with 2011 sales of the Clio hatchback and the Renault Scenic MPV from now, the new Renault Logan platform, to quickly master the compact sedan market. Of course not easy, to compete in its class, with a lot of competitive rivals, including Ford and Volvo are the better for sales.

       2012 Renault Logan is very specific in the machine and in the claims is very economical in fuel supply. Carrying the Hi-Flex engine with 72-hp 1.0i, 1.6i 8V 90 hp and the new Hi-Flex 1.6i 112 hp. Receive the new machine is capable of flexible use of unleaded gasoline and / or alcohol, all machines with good performance will be mated with an automatic transmission four to support the rapid acceleration. It is traditional and does not allow the operation sequence, but it is a type of box that has enough demand in Brazil.
        2012 Renault Logan can be loaded with many features like LED daytime running lights, air conditioning, electric power steering, power windows, automatic lock, traction control, cruise control, fuel economy is better and lower emission levels. The rendering shows that the Renault Logan 2012 will take design cues from the Renault fluence.
         Especially the front fascia can be taken from the sedan fluence, Inside, new seat design with a luxurious and comfortable place to sit and rest your shoulder, Audio-DIN stereo with integrated MP3 player and USB port. Color wheels and hubcaps are also updated, such as climate control are getting better in performance and technology. 
        Exterior changes the name, now lies at the gates in central position. For the price of marketed with: Renault Logan will automatically be expensive for its segment, € 18.100, whereas the same variant but with a manual transmission will cost € 16.600.

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