Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Volkswagen Amarok pick up is good for your choice.

       2011 Volkswagen Amarok pick up is good for your choice. Volkswagen Auto Group officially started the night before the 2010 Geneva Auto Show, several months before the European launch of the truck this summer. 
       With a strong pick-up design and carrying capacity of the machine a good 2011 Volkwagon Amarok has been present for you, for the sake of smooth and lighten the work of carrying and lifting things. This car was designed to compete with the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and srtada mitsubishi triton. But the car looked at in terms of price and good performance would be a smart choice for you.

         2011 VW amarok exterior design has been carrying the double cab version of the model will be delivered to the customer first, with a single variant taxi arrived in 2011. They can choose between the two and all-wheel-drive edition, with the latter capable spec'd with a Torsen limited-slip differential. LSD allows for 40% power to be delivered to the front wheels, 60% back.
        Body design that looks sporty for a pick up today, seen from the rear bumper that looks sexi. This car also got a thumbs up for performance in class off road car "off-road capability of business" best in class and on-road performance.

      This car will be equipped with the modern TDI engine 2011 VOLKSWAGEN AmaroK with Common-Rail system - this engine sets new standards for fuel economy and emissions. 2011 VOLKSWAGEN AmaroK including a twin-turbocharged for top-end variant. As for the roominess, the width and height of the cargo bay, as well as easy loading and carrying capacity, there is a new Amarok is also worthy of the title of best in class. 2011 VOLKSWAGEN AmaroK let us consider a review about the engine and interior?

           VW Amarok 2011 will carry a powerful engine to support performance and good acceleration too. offered two 2.0L TDI engine that makes 158 hp/295 lb-either ft or 120 hp/251 lb-ft. Both use a six-speed manual transmission and can come with other features designed to improve off-roading Off-Road such as ABS, Hill Descent Assist and Hill Hold Assist. 
         This car has been using diesel powerplants give Amarok claimed 2535 pounds payload in its 27-sq.-ft. beds and 6173 max towing capacity. performance on offer could make you satisfied when you try to drive this car is empty or when carrying heavy items. I guess this is the best pickup in its class.

        The Dimensions are great for passengers, the driver can have its own space relieved when she drove to pick up this car. A lot of leg room in the back seat also make Amarok a full five-seater that makes passengers feel relieved. When only two people who ride, the rear seats fold to increase cargo space interior. 4 eyes tie-down in the corner of the truck bed to protect the cargo during driving. When pulling a trailer, pickup can handle up to 2.8 metric ton trailer load. all offered with every comfort and good performance to support all your daily activities.

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