Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Toyota Rush compact SUV for an intelligent family.

        2011 Toyota Rush compact SUV for an intelligent family. The presence of high level SUV makes competition so great in the world of entry-level car. Toyota is a good compact car manufacturers, car sales success in the world, is spectacular as the SUV in Asia are dominated by it. Toyota Rush comes with various features that are perfect for a compact SUV. First, this car must have a cabin relative relief. 

        In addition, tall posture make it more friendly vehicle for use on local streets that have a lot of wave contours and even perforated. Especially with the high rainfall lately, will bring the car quieter high for bulldoze a puddle, if not exactly flooding. New Toyota Rush is back by offering a variety of designs and features refreshing. Daihatsu Terios competing with the Honda CRV and Toyota seem to continue to deliver the newest innovations.

      2011 Toyota Rush is available in 4 variants (S AT, MT S, G AT, G MT) with 4 new colors (white, maroon mica metallic, champagne metallic, dark gray) color complements the previous two silver mica metallic and black mica. Toyota Rush 2011 changes to the design of grille, front and rear bumpers and rear lamps with clear mica. It looks more macho new design alloy wheels with five-spoke model 16. This design will greatly look stylish for a compact SUV.
          Luxurious cabin space and modern in shades featured in the audio has been integrated with the dashboard, and a touch of chrome in the meter cluster, shift knob and steering design ac. Optional features such as air conditioning, bluetooth connection, USB port, DVD and audio are standard.

       Dashboard design is equipped with a Steering wheel with audio control switches. power steering, Completion also touches on the steering system that uses the Electric Power Steering (EPS) so it is more convenient. Automatic transmission equipped with shift lock making it easier for the interpreter to push the car park when parallel parking.
        New Performance Rush qualified enough for wading congestion in the city, along the highways and winding road outside of town. The news could make the effect on EPS performance was recorded on the test acceleration. New data from the Rush SA / T, acceleration 0-100 km / h 15.6 seconds, more sharply than the 16.3 seconds old Rush. Even so accelerated as far as 402 meters as drag race, the New Rush record 19.9 seconds, faster than the old 21.2 seconds.

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