Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 SSC Ultimate Aero, Super car, with the ambition to be the fastest.

        2011 SSC Ultimate Aero, Super car, with the ambition to be the fastest. SSC is a car platform is very popular in America, With a stunning performance and design as the name suggests is very aero dynamic and full of ambition to be the fastest and greatest in the level of popularity.  
        American car manufacturer company Shelby Super Cars (SSC) plans to win back the title of "world's fastest production car" of the Bugatti Veyron super sports version of their second new supercar.
          They began to believe SSC car will get an equal place at the throne of the world's fastest car, competing with bugetti sport, ferrari, pagani, and lamborgini is not easy. With the debut of a very early with a tight competition this car super sport will enliven the market today. Very dynamic exterior design with tapered sides but looks sporty, elegant look of the lamp, and the aero dynamic design of the Ultimate Aero will become a new idol in the world today and the upcoming supercar.
          2011 SSC Ultimate Aero, with a four-door sedan that makes 556 hp and more torque than the Ferrari could have dreamed. With a spectacular engine and responsive now The 2011 Ultimate Aero II pumps out 1350 horse to bring the machine with a capacity of 6.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine capable of removing up to 9,000 rpm redline rev. It kicks out 1350 horses, which are expected to push the car to a top speed of 275 mph targeted.
           To support very fast engine performance and strong material it is necessary to support machines are robust, while for extreme speed makaTubuh support for this car made of carbon fiber and aluminum, with carbon fiber wheels, too. All designs are very nice machine and measured accurately and thoroughly so as to produce the perfect car and dynamic.
           For the interior design of this car is equipped with amenities like a supercar in general. to steer the dynamic sporty look with a stylish decoration sporty dash board. Crome polished interior makes this car always looks elegant. Design leather seats are nice and comfortable support for high speed. Features standard, Electrick power steering, power windows, air conditioning, easy control, aero dynamic design, excellent safety belts, airbags, and supporting the connection. base price is $ 654.400.

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