Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Rolls Royce Ghosht. Sedan with classic design for the future

          2011 Rolls Royce Ghosht. Sedan with classic design for the future. For the first time we see a beautiful design from Rolls-Royce Ghost 2011 you must be impressed with the design of the display. With a classic design as if we get carried away into the era of the 80's. At least this car already looks good with colored paint smooth and shiny. 

         Have been successful with Phanthom 2011, Rolls Royce will now start his debut with the Ghost as an entry level luxury car for the type with a classic design. Rolls Royce has long had a good name in the automotive world, especially for the car version of its innovative and superior performance. This is the first small Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn launched since 1949. "Small" is a relative term, however. 

         Although 17.1 inches shorter than the Phantom sedan, the Spirit of 212.6 inches is 4.3 inches longer than the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, and no substantial weight of 5450 pounds. This is not an economist Rolls compact. This car has the exterior of Length "5399 / 212.6, Width 1948 / 76.7, Height 1550 / 61.0, Curb Weight 2470 kg / 5445 lbs and Ground Clearance" 150. We are confident this car will increasingly become a popular car for 2011 and 2012 later this famous car manufacturer said.

         For machines with Ghost 2011 has been prepared for doping mature performance that can improve both good acceleration or torque. Carrying capacity machines with 12-cylinder turbocharged V12 specifications. Factory new 12-pot all but said to be based on the architecture of the BMW V8. With a machine that has a large capacity cc V12 engine replaces 6.6-liter turbo new and cranks out 563 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque.  

       Rolls Royce Ghost 2011 can run 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds and run the quarter mile in 13.2 seconds with the help of an impressive-derived gearbox ZF eight-speed automatic, which Rolls said it also will help the car reach up to 21 mpg on the highway. Really good car but still synonymous with luxurious classical style.

      For the interior design of this car which adopted many features that are not owned many luxury cars in general.  basic car classic design that has many advanced features and luxury will always spoil your appearance. Beriku features carried by Ghost 2011, the spec sheet that the Anti-Roll Stabilization, Dynamic Stability Control, Dynamic Traction Control, Dynamic Brake Control, Cornering Brake Control Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Active Brake Intervention and Curve Speed ​​Limiter.  

     The Features standard with air conditioning, electric power steering, power windows, automatic lock, t = dash board design is very elegant and stylish classic with a touch of bluetooth and USB connectivity. The security system of air bags and seat belts with a nice design of this luxury car is superior to either in features or styles that were taken. For you if mengginginkannya, you have to pay $ 246.500.

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