Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 Renault Clio, Hatchback High Character.

           2011 Renault Clio, Hatchback High Character. If you are a young, or a businessman you definitely need a car with a small capacity but has complete facilities. Now Renault has launched its luxury hatchback version that has a high character for the evolution of change that brought this year. Clio 2011 with luxurious design and high performance, facilitate your work, on holiday or business. 

           The concept that carried DeZir inspired from Renault, Clio 2011 WITH facility will offer the maximum quality. exterior styling changes to interior trim for all levels of equipment, including extra chrome, extra styles and looks brighter! Such as the Twingo and the mode, the catalog incorporates two new versions - and Night & Day - and reach the top by the XV de France and Initiale versions. 

         Competing with such middle-class hatchback ford focus, all-new Honda Jazz and Toyota Vitz car is more than just glance at in terms of body design, performance and interior that has been perfected even though only a slight change from the previous year. The development includes both the exterior design and internal changes to all levels of equipment, including additional chrome, style, and look brighter. 
        For the latest version is definitely good for consumers welcomed this car proved to reach rank 1 for sale in 2011. with sales of 2.270 units. Renault Clio in the lead in share of 6.1%, followed by the Renault Megane (5.2%), VW Polo (4.2%) and VW Golf (3.3%).

          For engine performance with a three-door hatchback Clio 1.2 16V carrying LPG 75 eco2 Access to this version you must pay seniali to € 26,750. while for the price of € 22,750 five-door Clio Initiale DCI 105 eco ²), while the Clio RS prices ranging from € 23,550. Prices for new Clio from € 11,899 to extend the order book opened on April 5. Latest Clio also saw the addition of "Business eco ²" a new version that offers CO2 emissions of just 94g/km. Three of the machines now available for the Clio qualify for state subsidy € 400 available in France.

         For the interior design of this car is very komapak with features highly advanced, carrying the Elektric power steering, power windows, air conditioning, traction control, cruise control, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, Version Clim expression has also been treated to a "facelift" with a bumper entry of the width with low chrome panel. 
        Special features Whiston cabin seat Combo, mud-finished dashboard and the use of carbon anodised fascia gloss to the center, on the dashboards of luxury there is a DVD and an advanced navigation control. Other features include 80W radio-CD with MP3 playback, plus audio streaming function that enables MP3 format music stored on your smart phone to be played wirelessly. A 3G dongle is provided to enable easy, direct access to the internet via a laptop computer. All are designed with precision and perfection to a hatcback from Renault.

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