Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata, Ranked # 1 Affordable Sports Cars USA version

       The 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata, Ranked # 1 Affordable Sports Cars USA version. If you are thinking and dreaming of a luxury car with sporty design, but you do not have enough money to buy a 2011 or bugetti Veyron ,aventador , Mazda is now with the new roadster concept is present for those who like sports cars. , Affordable two-seat roadster that combine performance with driving performance of a sports car today. Cars with rank 1 for the category of sports car roadster with an elegant style but still affordable.

         The based test with a test drive with a variety of analysis, comfort, luxury, style, performance and safety in driving. This car is an option worthy of an elegant style sport enthusiasts. The 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata is a dream, especially for sports car enthusiasts on a budget. This car is very good in performance, fast, agile, great on gas and reliable.

       Competing with his colleagues in the compact class such as the jaguar xj sport or bmw and mercedes benz class car Mazda Miata 2011 certainly has advantages in price and style. For sports car enthusiasts who do not have much pocket money to spend on high-falutin BMW, mercedes benz, 'Ferrari or Maserati or even a Porsche or Corvette, the $ 30,000 Miata MX-5 sub is the right choice for you who want a new style roadster luxurious and sporty.
         Mazda Miata 2011 Carrying the 2.0-liter, all aluminum, I-4 engine with 167 hp and 140 pounds of torque. Mazda MX-5 has a very sharp acceleration and the acceleration to the actual version of the Sport models come standard with a five-speed manual transmission, while Touring and Grand Touring models come with a six-speed manual transmission. Horsepower for the automatic transmission version was 158 hp. Curb weight of 2011 model is expected to be only £ 2,200, which is less than the 2010 model.

          With reliable performance and a perfect transmission mated to the 2011 Mazda roadster has been able to be a particularly efficient car fuel consumption of a balanced, fuel economy is also impressive on the EPA-estimated 22 mpg city/28 mpg highway and 24 mpg in combined driving manuals for five-speed. The sacrifice of six-speed manual and automatic only 1 mpg in city mileage.  

         All perfectly designed for the power-to-weight ratio, attractive engine response, and short throw shifter, this car is very fun to drive and race on the streets.

           The 2011 mazda miata MX-5 interior is very luxurious and elegant, features that appear very nice and make you more and want to try it. Namely the basic features: including power windows, power steering electrick, standard with air conditioning and leather-wrapped steering wheel on the Sport model, new center console and armrest, and a redesigned seat and door-mounted bottle holders. Luggage for Mazda MX5 2011 provides 5.3 cubic feet of space, which is good enough for the convertible.  

          All models are brought 2011 MX5 roadster version is very nice including the premium Touring with the addition of a six-disc CD stereo audio system with MP3 compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity. Premium package also includes heated leather seats and Xenon lights, dash board in a sporty design with an embedded style navigation with bluetooth console, cruise control, power locks, keyless entry, fog lights, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls are standard on the Touring model , and optional on Sport models.  

        For a very affordable price for a car with a perfect performance and has a wealth of features is priced $ 23.110 - $ 31.525.

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