Friday, September 23, 2011

2011 Maybach 57, an elegant interior design. REVIEWS

            2011 Maybach 57, an elegant interior design. Making its debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2011, the Maybach 57 looks very exotic with a new look is more glamorous and powerful on the machine. This car brings a classic design featuring a new angle for the car elegantly presented in a long view. If you still think twice to buy a Rolls Royce car class, you can buy a Maybach with a more enabling.
           Looks nice, exterior is quite beautiful and has an interior that includes a good visual  . The new front bumper and hood, re-styled side mirrors and new rear light clusters. This car is longer and a half inches wide with a new bumper design and side cladding, a new chrome radiator grille, a new front bumper and redesigned hood, re-styled side mirrors and new rear light clusters and new new-look 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels for the standard models and get 12-spoke, 20-inch wheels for the S ones and the design of a classic look with a stylish addition to the luxurious.
           For the engine, the car is carrying a machine with a capacity of 6.0 liter bi-turbo V12 engine cylinder, which can generate great power is 620 horsepower and 738 pounds-ft of torque, with a robust machine design will be adopted by a five-speed automatic.  

         Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have been lowered to reduce emissions and power can make it environmentally friendly cars. So you do not need to worry if you buy a Maybach 57 is, because you would feel satisfied with the existing fuel consumption.

           For the latest interior design is very special with a very elegantly supported by a very luxurious facilities . feature shown is, power steering, power windows, air conditioning,  visual elegant dash board with a fresh but subtle colors, there is a crystal accent styling, 19-inch screen and wireless internet are very satisfied with the large LCD display, a new mobile phone hands-free system with Bluetooth functionality is also available in the rear, and a newly developed DVD player in the rear now also reads the extended DVD formats, traction control, cruise control, a simple navigation system.  

        For security affairs still carries an optional seat belt and air bag feature. Daimler launches today for the facelift version of the Maybach line-up is more compact and perfect. This car sold for $ 415,000.

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