Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011 Maserati Kubang SUV with the concept of luxury.

            2011 Maserati Kubang SUV with the concept of luxury. Maserati who have had success with the launch of the sedan and coupe, like the GranTurismo will present a car with a capacity of families who have a fancy design, concept SUV that carried from the present model that will bring you the comfort and security tomorrow. Compete with many SUVs in ASIA such as Toyota Avanza and highlander sport.  

         Maserati Kubang expect a lot of cars to be launched this. Italian automobile platform of this would reintroduce the Kubang in 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. It's one thing to bring about both vehicles the same concept (see the Toyota FT-86), but it is quite another to ignore the laid back attitude is taken in developing it. With a luxurious and sporty design of this car will berdebut in Asian markets and in Europe.
         Everything from style, engine, suspension, brakes, handling, and performance said to be in continuity with the core brand values ​​of sportiness, style, elegance, luxury performance, and expertise. Seemingly luxurious exterior design with a grill on the front, looks elegant. There are only two folds at the top makes it look a bit like a Peugeot 508. From the side the car looks fat and muscular and the rear bumper is very modern with the original.
        Maserati Kubang 2011 is equipped with a powerful engine, which is suitable for you traveling with family, carrying a strong engine with AT 8-speed automatic transmission and specific performance settings set to the configuration of the suspension, brakes, and steering in Modena exclusively developed by the Department of Product Development Maserati.
      The interior design is equipped with advanced features to design dashboards that luxury, electric power steering, power windows, parking sensors, air conditioning, DVD players, Tape, MP3 player and audio. Features safety with seat belts and air bags.

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