Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 Lincoln Navigator. SUV that performs like a compact crossover.

               2011 Lincoln Navigator. SUV that performs like a compact crossover. A few years ago Lincoln has experienced falling prices because SUV is less in demand by consumers. Awakening the 2011 version has come with good performance and is backed interior accents that features a compact, too. For those of you who like the tough like a crossover design but have the comfort like a SUV, you should look for a new version of Navigator. 

         With such a formidable design Crossover reliable, front bumper look big and strong, smooth grill, and a strong body like Crosover. received several new features include HD radio, dual display for rear-seat entertainment system and 110-volt electrical outlet AC.Navigator - and long-wheelbase brother, known as L Navigator - is still quite impressive with an available 20-inch chrome wheels, leather cabin and spacious wood-lined and luxurious passenger ride.

         2011 Lincoln Navigator now has improved the performance of the engine version of its predecessor with a carrying capacity of the machine with a 5.4-liter V-8 new diesel is said to achieve nine percent more horsepower than the version first, 15 percent more lb-ft. torque, and 20 percent better fuel economy, respectively. Mobil says 0 to 60 times in the two machines will be almost the same. In addition, the urea injection system is being developed along the lines of the Mercedes BlueTEC diesel to keep the new 4.4 liter clean running. All performance is supported to achieve the torque and acceleration

        For Lincoln variant of the elite, is now available for the luxury interior package and good, including touch screen DVD-based navigation system, air conditioning, power windows, power steering, Dashboard is roomy and sporty, rear seat DVD entertainment system with eight-inch screen, traction control, automatic locks, power moonroof, and reverse camera system.

        For those of you who want a limited edition package, now comes with a nice feature is the addition of: a monochrome feature a unique chrome grille, ebony wood trim and special interior decoration, while the Premium Leather seat package consisting of an improved quality leather and contrast stitching that looks very elegant. The price offered is also relatively inexpensive for Lincoln Navigator car class ranged between $ 54.433 - $ 59.786.

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