Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge, Reviews.

       "Ferrari has been known in various parts of the world, with a nice design and performance in a compact and aggressive has menjadilkan car platform from Italy has become an idol in several countries. Now in the year 2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge launched, with design the aero dynamic, flat and powerful. For the first time Ferrari 458 Challenge disclosed in the Annual Dealer Meeting at Maranello. Based on 458 Italian, 458 Challenge will take part in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli in the 2011 season.
           This car will be eligible to be a car that can be used day to day with a superior design and performance, will likely make you more aggressive and more stylish with the looks. This edition can also be modified to battle in the arena, either a straight line or circuit. Compete with jaguars and the BMW M5 that has been successful with the level of production and distribution, this car will be a mainstay product in this year's Ferrari.
              Ferrari 458 Challenge, very eager to show a reliable performance and acceleration. With the look and design of the machine from italy famous aggressive this car will carry the machine with a capacity of 4497cc direct-injection V8 that produces 570 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. However, a number of changes have been made to prepare Challenge 458 for track duty.  

            All performance and good strength in the machine 2011 will get a perfect acceleration by modifying the gear ratio the car and also optimize the calibration of dual-clutch gearbox F1, which allows for higher torque at low revs. The challenge also comes with a standard 458 458 E-Diff electronic differential. To support high-speed standard car comes with a good quality in body design and materials used to shore up the machine with a large capacity.

           For a nice body design then this car has adopted the quality of material which is equivalent to the concept supercar, with carbon fiber and Lexan mobilize the entire car will be able to reduce body weight and will make this car more kecang and powerful. Interior design with standard F1 engine, the Ferrari F1-Trac traction control system that allows the driver to choose two songs-specific bias settings to dry to wet conditions. 

         The navigation controls are applied in F1 with a similar style, one level absorbers, center-nut 19 ​​"racing rims, Pirelli slicks larger dimension, and the ride height lowered by 30mm all bulat.Mobil also has a special suspension set-up with aluminum ring solid, stiff springs, it also comes with new Brembo brakes CCM2. All presented a price of £ 185,000.

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