Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 BMW-7 series, a luxury sedan smart choices.

            2011 BMW-7 series, a luxury sedan smart choices. Basically, we as an intelligent person needs to take into consideration in all things, for example if we want a luxury vehicle with a fresh design. Now the new BMW 7 Series launched a new variant with all the luxuries of a compact sedan that is very exclusive and modern. Why do we choose the series 7? it's because a lot of things and we need to review.
          In terms of exterior of this car is very nice in appearance. Luxurious and dynamic design will always make you believe in yourself. By wrapping the front bumper with LED lights and a luxurious arch grille makes this car was a car filled with elegant accents. Compete in the 2011 car is faced with many competitors are mercedes benz and audi are aggressively launching new sedan variants.
            Choosing a luxury sedan is something that is not easy, the performance of the car must also be considered, especially those of you who prefer a strong car in power and quick acceleration. Again, the BMW 7 series is a proper car with a V12 powered engine capacity and a choice of a new six-cylinder hybrid engine in the 740i and 740Li.  

            European markets also have the option of a diesel engine 3.0-liter twin-turbo 242 hp and 399 lb-giving ft and gasoline twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six familiar to upgrade to 315 horsepower and 330 lb-ft mated to a six-speed transmission with engine otomatisdan V8, with the shifter moved from the steering column back into the center console.

              One of the privileges of this car in the careful selection of cars is a very luxurious interior design and compact, all served with excellent features and a nice display. Ride comfort is also guaranteed by all existing features. Features include the dash board a luxurious design with a touch of sophisticated navigation console, supple leather and rich wood accents adorn nearly every surface and available "multicontour". Front seats are very comfortable to sit on the leather seats are made of special leather, extended-wheelbase version offers more legroom (about 6 inches) and headroom increased slightly.

            Available rear seat heating and massage features should satisfy even the most demanding of passengers, air conditioners with advanced features, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, traction control, cruise control, climate regulation, navigation i drives are very sophisticated, the design of the navigation buttons on the luxurious, ipod input, dvd player with a great audio player.
            This car is perfect with the optimum level of driver safety. Features provided for the safety of driving very well with a good seat belts and front seat side airbags, front knee airbags, front side curtain airbags and active head restraints.
          Optional safety features include adaptive cruise control, rear and sideview cameras and infrared night vision with pedestrian detection that displays images in both the main dashboard screen or in a head-up display. All presented with a special, if you are interested you have to pay $ 70.340 - 137, $ 675 with each of the classes and specs.

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