Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Bentley Continental GT, luxury design for a future coupe.

         2011 Bentley Continental GT, luxury design for a future coupe. 2011 Bentley Continental GT has his debut at the auto show, with the coupe design of the future that have a variety of luxury features and good in terms of engine performance and acceleration. 2011 Bentley Continental GT luxurious yet athletic look is very important to Crewe. 
      It remained largely unchanged for seven years, and now, the form once undeniably eye-catching show its age. Bentley now looks sexi with a nice look front bumper, grille and elegant look of the round headlights that look more modern but classic.
       Latest Bentley has a design that is so sporty and sexi. Exterior looks more fresh with the look of bi-xenon lamps and LED daytime running lights decoration. With the sweep position assigned either to the front shoulder thick. Seamless super-formed aluminum panels make use of welding did not exist, it is possible to cut, traditional electrical wiring to run unimpeded from the front of the front wheel wells to the pelvic muscles. from the side the car looks sporty but does not leave the original style for congenital Bentley coupe.
         No less an innate engine cars WITH coupe From asia, now bentley 2011, Carrying a sophisticated machine with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine him, hitting 567 horsepower and 516 pounds-feet. receive a combination of gasoline and E85.  

       To keep you in touch with that power, A design of a six-speed transmission swap Quickshift Bentley wheels faster and do not double downshifts and accelerates acceleration obtained. With this system all-wheel-drive is now 40/60 front-to-back, and the coefficient of drag has been reduced to 0.33. 0-60 mph? 4.4 seconds? Top speed? 198 mph.

        With interior equipment such as power steering, power windows, air conditioning, bluetooth, USB ports, a good navigation system, eight-inch touchscreen interface, dynamic navigation and Google Maps. Joining a more streamlined dash, climate-controlled "Cobra" carved chairs to provide more rear leg room, leather bags and doors are coated with a water bottle holder. This all current Continental GT. Only better and tried to offer performance and luxurious style for an elegant trim.

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