Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Acura RL sedan is comfortable and friendly environment.

          2011 Acura RL sedan is comfortable and friendly environment. Acura now has to compete with compact car market, particularly sedans. For the moment that launched the sedan version of the RL 2011. With the increase in performance as a whole can unite between the existing design and performance.
          A vehicle comes with its own comfort though not as good as the Acura RL mercedes benz at least not much you spend. Comes with a stunning design with a good front bumper, grill a smooth and sleek for all sides, Acura will be a little more compact with all-wheel-drive torque vector for enhanced cornering, Facing the front of the radar allows the adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking and enhanced navigation system. Competing with a compact sedan like bentley, lexus and bmw is not easy, now the car is slightly modified to support the comfort and reliable performance for middle-class sedan.
          The 2011 Acura RL with a capacity of carrying the standard 3.4-liter V6 that comes with the 2011 Acura RL gets 300 horsepower and 271 pound-feet of torque. The new V8 engine that improves on those numbers away. The compact engine will be mated with a five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift paddles to support full acceleration and maximum power.  

         Motorists should be more than happy with his ability. Super-handling all-wheel drive allows you to drive happily along in almost any kind of weather. Machines are compact and minimal vibration is ready to bring you the comfort in driving, at least you can see the acura is a good platform for comparison of prices, specifications and power.

          2011 Acura RL is equipped with features that make you more compact and pampered by the facilities used, good news for you this car has brought luxurious design for a class of high-quality sedans like the dash board design that provides lustrous wood trimming the edge of a very classy, RL-covered button center stack that will attract more fans fancy technology from the buyer, a highly sophisticated navigation features that facilitate you in the driving seat with luxurious design and arrangement of space is compact, car navigation system only shows maps in 2D, but integrating data traffic, with LCD display.

        Bluetooth for your connection, call quality is excellent, aided by the active noise cancellation in the cabin, USB port, traction control, cruise control, air conditioning, which is impressive is the special feature of the system data in a database of Zagat restaurant list point-of-interest. This system includes weather forecast data, the most modern features. All displayed the perfection of a compact sedan that is exclusive to you. For that you have to pay $ 47.200 to get the Acura RL 2011.

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