Sunday, August 7, 2011

Toyota Auris 2011, Hatchback luxurious and ideal for families.

          Toyota Auris 2011, Hatchback luxurious and ideal for families. In the year 2011 is now Auris comes with an upgrade in exterior and interior sector. The designs are now getting cute and sporty hatchback Auris 2011 will be the favorite choice of the family. other than that Toyota has improved the performance and quality for the sake of good sales in 2011.  

       Features a sophisticated and the equipment in the interior more luxurious and pampering your trip. If you want the car a sleek yet comfortable with your family, the Toyota Auris 2011 is the perfect choice for a family hatchback Sport criteria. This car is on target to storm the hatchback in the American market, which has successfully marketed the strong-performing sedan toyota camry.

         The front view is very nice car with headlights that look so rich, and the front bumper that looks sporty, it's no wonder this car will be a lot of fans especially those having small families. Toyota Auris Hybrid 2011 has a sophisticated design in a variety of criteria to establish an economical hatchback with performance. design a hybrid version of the car is the most hunted by the people
       Europe looking for something more authentically European than Auris than eccentric. The first time a sports hatchback design that uses a hybrid engine with optional combination of luxurious interiors. Auris hybrid will be offered in the largest markets in Europe.
        With hybrid technology system on the engine, Toyota Europe's first and I hope to see when I was in Geneva for the Motor Show. Toyota's commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by giving fresh impetus to our vision for Britain to lead in the design, manufacture and use of low carbon cars to design cars that are environmentally friendly and comply with emissions standards.

        Available with 1.6-liter engine brings Valvematic, 1.8-liter Valvematic, 1.4-liter D-4D and 2.0 D-4D DPF 5-door. 2011 Toyota Auris The Edition model will be powered by a 1.33-liter VVT-i petrol engine paired with a 6-speed manual transmission and Start Stop technology for fuel efficiency. Consumption figures for the Auris Edition 48.7 mpg combined, while levels of CO2 emissions of 135 grams per km. 
           2011 Toyota Auris will use the luxury interior design and complete equipment, perfect for you and your family during a vacation to relax, a new feature Bluetooth which is part of the standard equipment list.
already generous standard equipment that includes air conditioning, power windows, 4-speaker sound system with good quality and clear sound., Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC).

       High Intensity Discharge dark (HID) lamps with a cleaning and auto leveling, rear parking sensor to facilitate you when parking, Sunroof, CD audio system, Bluetooth ® with a microphone and voice recognition and automatic (dual zone) udara.2011 Conditioning Toyota Auris Edition . The 2011 Toyota Auris price starts at £ 15.225 and £ 17.435 reaches. .

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