Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The new X60 Lifan SUV with a major convenience for the family.

         The new X60 Lifan SUV with a major convenience for the family. Lifan X 60 has been circulating on the official market in china with an affordable bandrol be a good alternative for those who like a comfortable SUV. Compete with other SUVs such as Nissan and Ford and even Honda is not easy, for it Lifan x60 comes with a nice design for you and always comes with a design that is comfortable to drive.  

       Only one car for all, the price of 79.990 yuan. Was 1.8 with a 98kw engine mated to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic, a smaller 1.6 will follow later. Performance is compact and has always been a mainstay for those of you who crave the performance of a modern SUV.
         Lifan SUV The new X60 has a nice exterior design, seen from the appearance of a dynamic and muscular body. front bumper design looks sturdy and sharp. SUVs are modern and always makes you perfect confidence and exclusive. This car will be launched at the shanghai auto  show.
      X60 production car finally debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show with a sophisticated engine concept and has a good performance. . X60 debuted as a concept car at the Beijing Auto Show 2010, then reappeared at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2010. All that time did not have a name, Lifan just call it 'Lifan SUV'.
        The interior design including, power windows, power steering, a nice dash board equipment such as DVD players, satellite radio, a good seat design, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and optional audio, safety features like seat belts. all will make you and your family feel comfortable and safe.

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