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Lamborgini Aventador, supercar with the Advanced Technology

          Lamborgini Aventador, supercar with the Advanced Technology. After so long a 'byword' Finally Aventador Lamborghini LP 700-4 was launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, Yang opened a Maret.Lamborgini Aventador icon in the claims will be the greatest car ever invented . 

         Lamborgini during the aero dynamic design and have great engine performance would not be surprised if lamborgini Aventador already sold out., this is reinforced with a special show "Made in Italy" in Rome last cheap Shanghai Auto Expo last April. It has been reported some time ago Lamborghini Aventador Within days, the produced Timeline One Year has been sold out terjual.Sebuah achieved the fastest record lamborgini. This car is very nice and more exclusive than the generation Murcielago, THEREFORE anyway, "engined V12 supercar will be limited production , a maximum of 4,000 units, despite high demand," wrote the old Autocar.

        Lamborgini Aventador 2011 priced at $ 400,000 or approximately USD 3.42 billion has also been revealed. The price offered is not too far from the performance and body design are beautiful. Especially with the concept that the door could be opened up to make this car feel more cool and more dinamis.Lamborgini Aventador launched to compete with other supercars, such as, CCX, buggeti, and pagini.

        Lamborgini Aventador has a sophisticated interior design and comprehensive features and attractive design that instills Sophisticated cockpit teknolgogi Communications (telematic), Electronic System of cheap entertainment on-board (default). The result, cabin, especially the driver's cockpit about work, is very different than the Lamborghini Murcielago WITH.

        PART console or dashboard Middle Of It runs 7-inch TFT LCD display Can Various function as multimedia information. THEREFORE Similarly, the gadget Today, like iPods with features and beautiful design,, the USB connection with good speed, bluetooth which has a fast data transfer speeds and navigation system in a futuristic design. Installation of bi-xenon, LED daylight lights are beautiful and unique, automatic AC WITH catcher sun sensor, rain sensor wipers TO, mirrors Outside The set cheap folded / opened from the inside, by pressing the button.

        DEsign the seat very good and comfortable.Adaptive air bag safety system FOR Passengers, cheap knee. TO facilitate the driver, now use Electronic parking brake system that came with cheap anti-theft immobilizer, auto lock, monitor the pressure of the ban system, ABS, EBD, ASR, and ESC.

        Lamborgini Aventador 2011 carrying the 6500 cc 12-cylinder engine capable of producing maximum power to 700 hp. Thanks to the machine that, topspeed Aventador can penetrate up to 350 miles per hour and accelerates from 0-100 km per hour in 3.9 seconds .wow car was very cepat.semua reviews we've mengacungi thumbs up engine power and the design is cool .

        Supersportcar power the engine produces 700 PS and 4 is the motion system of four-wheel or four-wheel drive alias AWD (All Wheel Drive). The ability of torque the engine produces 690 Nm@5.500 rpm.Untuk fierce support this capability, Lamborghini provides gas tank capacity 90 liters. 
      However, the amount of gasoline as much as it can only be for a distance of about 500 km. The reason, claims Lamborghini, car fuel consumption (combined) 17.2 liter/100km or 5.8 KPL. Aventador claimed to be environmentally friendly because it can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to 20 percent over the lamborgini Murcielago.
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