Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chery QQ 2011, hatchback design with a cute and has an affordable price.

       Chery QQ 2011, hatchback design with a cute and has an affordable price. With a design that was a cute car brands of the country of China has successfully penetrated widely in the world. Chery QQ 2011 is a hatchback with a cute design and features a compact. Presence in the world we deserve Hatchback acungi thumb because it has become an idol in the medium.

       26 models of vehicles produced by Chery, displayed elegantly in the midst of a number of luxury car production Fiat, Ford, Maserati, Honda, Porsche, Ferrari, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Dodge DaimierChrysler up. In Indonesia, the Chery QQ is the first car released by Chery Automobile, assembled in Indonesia by PT Prima Unicorn Motor, a subsidiary of Indomobil Group.
For the export market.

      Chery qq 2011 has the design specifications Overall Length: 3558 mm
Width: 1508 mm Overall Height: 1488 mm Wheelbase: 2348 mm
Empty weight: 885 kg, the passenger capacity: 5 people, maximum speed: 140 km / h, has a stubborn engine design with a machine that carries
Injection system: Multi Point Injection, mated with a 5-speed manual transmission system, has a tank capacity 35 liters


          Chery QQ 2011 has a pretty good interior design denganChery QQ has a compact dashboard, instrument panel with an easily readable and affordable. Five-door system allows the owner of this car-free and out. Try sitting in a comfortable seat, covered with leather sofas .

     The facilities DVD player + USB port (G, Sporty) driving experience with the Chery QQ become more relaxed and comfortable. AC Front supporters, Audio CD / VCD / DVD with a stylish design, Eletric Mirrors, Glass Film, Power Steering, Power Windows, Radio / Tape, Remote Keyless Entry.
          have the variant colors: Red, Green, Black, Silver, Blue, Violet, White
Audio system: Radio Tape (S type), Single CD (GE), DVD player (GS). All designed to pamper your trip.

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